4 reasons to stop shopping at Amazon — and start supporting the brands you love.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve become dependent on Amazon.com for ordering everything from light bulbs to spices. Order to you means ordering from Amazon much like Search means searching on Google.

As I’ve become more conscious about the brands I support, I’ve learned that many brands themselves have actually caught up with the whole Internet thing. That is, many brands now offer their products directly on their website.

Here are four reasons why I’ve stopped buying everything on Amazon:

1. It’s fun to explore brand websites

Amazon has tested every detail of its site to increase sales. This analytical approach to design has rendered Amazon.com one of the least visually appealing sites I frequent.

Kind’s website is more visually pleasing than Amazon’s

Some brand websites, on the other hand, are delightful and immersive. Kind’s website pops with color and draws your eye toward super-detailed photos of its snacks. While Amazon has one page layout to accommodate both light bulbs and spices, Kind has beautifully designed an experience specifically for ordering granola bars.

2. You can get extra discounts

A major reason I feel good about shopping at Amazon is that I get 5% back on my credit card, 1% gifted to charity through Amazon Smile, and up to 15% off Subscribe-and-Save purchases. It turns up I don’t miss these types of discounts when buying directly from brands.

Brands like Preserve offer a subscription with a 15% discount. Unlike Amazon, you don’t need a minimum of 5 items per month. Plus, there are often additional discounts off your first order or when you create an account or sign up for a mailing list.

3. Your favorite brands offer more than you think

I started buying exclusively Wholesome brand sugar when I learned that most other brands process their sugar through animal bones. I subscribe to 10-lb bags of it on Amazon.

So many liquid sweeteners!

It wasn’t until I visited the Wholesome website that I discovered all the other products they sell. Now I can buy syrups from a brand whose values align with my own, instead of from various companies I know nothing about.

4. Amazon is getting scary big

The Whole Foods acquisition is enough to make even an Amazon fanboy like me stop and think about the size and power of this company, and consider giving my paycheck to smaller, employee-owned, mission-driven companies. Shopping at smaller websites makes me feel more connected to my purchasing decisions and the people I’m giving my money to.

Plus, it allows for innovation in selling granola bars.