18 Web Analytics and Growth Hacking blogs I follow (and you have to, too!)

What I really love about the days we live in is how easy it is to learn new things. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start playing a guitar, make this great new quiche for your friends or… start working with digital analytics, you’ll surely find a lot of resources about it around the Internet. The hard part starts, though, when choosing a right resource among thousands of different blogs, sites, feeds and posts. I might not be the best quiche cook in the world, but through the past years of working with web analytics and growth hacking I’ve made myself a list of sites I simply have to follow to know what’s happening around. Now, I’d like to share it with you.

1. Adam Greco at Web Analytics Demystified


Everyone at Web Analytics Demystified know their stuff, but it surely is Adam Greco, who is their most active writer. Being an expert in everything related to Adobe Analytics, it’s the first name you have to learn if SiteCatalyst is your tool of choice. He shares a lot of useful information about it and isn’t afraid of getting deep into technical details. Adam also writes for official Adobe blog and he wrote the only useful SiteCatalyst handbook.

2. Analytics Talk by Justin Cutroni


Justin is an evangelist for Google Analytics. He hasn’t updated his blog for a while, but nevertheless it contains a lot of useful stuff. In addition to that, he’s a (co-) author of Google official Analytics Academy and he hosts some of Google’s presentations about Analytics (360). Must read if you’re serious about GA.

3. Annielytics


Annielytics’ Annie Cushing shares a lot of stuff about both GA and how to actually work with data. Her blog is a great spot if you’re looking for actual (video!) tutorials or useful Excel tips.

4. Analytics Pros Blog

Analytics Pros is a Seattle-based GA-focused agency. They’re working closely with Google and very often they’re first to cover any GA related news in a more detailed way than Google’s own blog. They also cover a lot of technical stuff, so their blog is highly recommended if you’re looking for implementation tips or already made code.

5. Conversion Rate Experts

A lot of real-life CRO case studies along with growth hacking tips. Highly recommended if that’s what tickles your fancy.

6. Digital Marketing Blog by Adobe

To be honest, I’ve got mixed feelings about Adobe’s blog. On one hand, it shares some tips about using Adobe tools and is always first to cover Adobe Marketing Cloud news, which is good to follow even if you don’t really use it. On the other one, though, it floods me with a ton of “generic” marketing posts, making it hard to follow the worthwhile ones. Still, it’s good to follow it (even if you don’t read it thoroughly) to know what’s up with AMC.

7. Google Analytics Blog

It might be obvious, but Google’s blog is the fastest source for GA news! Keep your eye on it if you don’t want to be left behind!

8. GetResponse Blog


GetResponse blog has evolved lately and now covers a lot of useful things about such catchy keywords as big data or marketing automation. In addition to that, we are planning a lot of posts about integrating email marketing with web analytics or growth hacking, so stay tuned for more cool stuff coming soon!

9. John Egan’s Blog

John is responsible for growth hacking at Pinterest and isn’t afraid of sharing things that worked for them. He might not be the most active blogger out there, but he definitely posts the stuff you don’t want to miss!

10. KISSmetrics Blog


Even though Kissmetrics blog may be one of the most reknown, it has issues similar to Adobe’s — it may be hard to filter the posts that are worth reading, but be sure to screen it once in a while.

11. LunaMetrics Blog

One of my favorite blogs written by an agency. A ton of technical (GTM!) tips, code you can use and insights about different tools. Highly recommended!

12. Noise or Music? — The Insights Blog by Brian Clifton


Similarly to Avinash Kaushik (listed right below), besides writing his blog Brian is an author of one of the most notable books about digital analytics. His blog is a mix of information about business, technical details and different tools (focusing on GA), extremely useful if you’re interested in DA generally.

13. Occam’s Razor by Avinash Kaushik

If you were to choose only one blog from this list, that’s the one. Avinash (who is also a GA evangelist at Google and best selling books author) goes deep down into using analytics in general for your organization’s success and employing the most useful features of GA. Truly a must read!

14. OkDork.com

One of the best growth-focused blog, written by AppSumo founder Noah Kagan. Being a Silicon Valley veteran he shares a lot of his experience in growing a company (and, generally, working hard). If you’re into growth hacking, his blog is something you must follow right after reading Lean Startup or its likes.

15. Online Behavior

Simply great stuff about, once again, GA, analytics and CRO written by great authors. Just read it, you won’t regret it.

16. OnStartups

Everything on running and growing a startup by HubSpot’s co-founder. Ton of insights about SaaS. Highly recommended if you watch every episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley.

17. SEO Takeaways (a.k.a. Optimize Smart)

A lot of GA and GTM tips there! If you’re into implementation you have to see it!

18. Simo Ahava’s Blog


Simo is the Internet’s GTM rockstar. He knows everything about it (I guess it could be more than Google does ;)) and shares his knowledge with very comprehensive posts. Once again, if you have anything to do with the implementation, that’s the top source.

I hope that the above list will help you to learn even more about every aspect of web analytics. What I really like about it is that it shows how interdisciplinary web analytics is — it touches everything, from general management and sales through marketing and data science to software development required to implement your tools of choice.

Have you found this post useful? Or is there something you’d add to the list? Feel free to like, comment or share the post! I’ll then make sure that my Medium channel is going to be worthwhile of becoming another spot you have to follow.