Blaming our attention spans for our apparent inability to focus shows an under-appreciation for how we have adapted to information overload. The real problem lies somewhere else.

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Informational nicotine

Information is addictive. We tend to believe that we can make better and faster decisions by being able to see, hear or read everything that matters to us as soon as possible. As a result, we hook ourselves on to various informational drip feeds, so that we can get instantaneous updates on the latest news, trends and intelligence on how our friends (and enemies) are living their lives. …

The largest corporations in the US have just declared that they are no longer solely focused on their shareholders. But unless shareholder and stakeholder interests become perfectly aligned, nothing will have changed once the dust settles.

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Power to the people

As we all become increasingly connected to each other, consumers like you and I have become significantly empowered. In an age where we can compare prices online within seconds, or leave scathing reviews that could make or break businesses, companies find themselves exposed to unprecedented levels of public scrutiny that were not possible a couple of decades ago. Bad perceptions can spread like wildfire…

The stigma of admitting our loneliness persists, even as we learn how to have a good time on our own. Technology might come in handy, but its current approach to help alleviate the pain of isolation is misguided.

Source: Giuseppe Milo, via Flickr (CC BY 4.0)

It should surprise no one that we are increasingly comfortable with the idea of going solo. …

Stan Churley

I write about the technologies and trends changing the way we live our lives, even as our wants and needs remain the same.

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