The distraction of tooling for a newbie can be a never ending rabbit hole into the oblivion of avoidance.

Not intentionally of course, but the allure of discovery when it comes to a new shiny can be bliss. And well, ignorance *is*

In terms of text editors, for me Sublime Text came first, then Vim (and the ensuing WTF was I thinking), then Atom, then (out of shame and necessity) Vim, and finally Visual Studio Code.

The problem: The time it took to start over each time was time lost. I would have been proficient with one tool more quickly rather than being a *Jack of all trades, master of none*.

My advice: pick one thing, if your going to quit do it quick. Otherwise stick with it, learn it to the point of being able to teach it to someone else. Then you can move on.

Returning to that particular tool will be like riding a bike.

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