There is no mistaking Donald Trump’s rhetoric. It’s clearly divisive and violent, encouraging people to “knock the crap out of” protesters and those with enough sense to oppose his fascist policies. And, in the instance where an elderly man indeed knocked the crap out of a protester walking past him, Trump’s campaign offered to pay the legal fees of the man.

However, this man’s bigotry has become the breeding ground for a much larger issue in America. Aside from his shattering of the Republican party, his candidacy has served as a litmus test for just how terrible we can still be as a nation. But, even more so importantly than that, this farce of a campaign is showing us definitely that history can indeed repeat itself.

“The Lion’s Guard” is the natural evolution in Donald Trump’s xenophobic reign of terror on American politics. His bigoted nationalism has sparked outrage in the slimest corners of America, and from these acolytes rises a militia. Calling themselves protecters of the “magnanimous” Trump, this group has stated in their manifesto that they have taken it upon themselves to watch those would would try to protest at Trump rallies, to coordinate with his security forces, and to protect the candidate from any harm.

And, while this might be construed as an overzealous watchdog group, the verbiage of their manifesto is anything but benign. Their website header even paraphrases a quote made largely famous by Mussolini:

“Better to live a day as a Lion than be a lamb for eternity.”

Donald Trump’s rhetoric has been dangerous since his announcement of his candidacy. His refusal to bend to the will of the Republican party if they didn’t nominate him is a play directly from Hitler’s playbook. His largely racist and xenophobic remarks are pandering to a dangerous class of people, and the creation of The Lion’s Guard is proof of it. His candidacy has done far more than drive a wedge between the cracks of the GOP. It has opened fissures in the United States that could erupt into a bloody civil war if not immediately put into check.

This is no longer a joke. This is the beginnings of a Fourth Reich.