Podcast — Talking Mars One with Sonia Van Meter — The FRP Podcast Episode 48

What happens when on a whim, you decide to apply to go on a one-way trip to Mars…and then get selected? This week Cindy and Sally sit down with Sonia Van Meter to talk about why she is so passionate about this project and why she volunteered to go to Mars.


  • How did the Mars One Mission come about?
  • It is a Dutch non-profit organization.
  • The founder was a clean energy guy back in the day and he decided to sell some shares of his company in order to fund the Mars One Project and start it.
  • He reached out to the general population asking for applicants to apply to go to Mars, which the expectation that you will NOT get to come back to Earth.
  • Sonia wanted to be a part of this story for however brief the moment was going to last so she applied.
  • There has been a lot of pushback with this project.
  • A lot of people are skeptics.
  • Sonia’s husband wrote an article in Texas Monthly supporting her decision to be a part of the Mars One Mission.
  • This article got a lot of support, but a lot of back lash as well.
  • They plan on having 40 or so people go in the first round and it will take 7–8 months to get there.
  • The project plans to have materials waiting on Mars for the people arriving.
  • The top 100 candidates are from all over the world.
  • The mission will require a lot of training leading up to the mission.
  • How did a political consultant become so interested in space and the universe?

If you would like to learn more about the Mars One Mission, you can visit their website to get involved. Stay tuned next week to hear from Moms Demand Action about creating Gun Sense in America.

Originally published at Standard Beagle.

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