How To Have Happier Employees

Most employees are not happy at work, according to a recent survey from Achievers. The report, titled “The Greatness Gap: The State of Employee Disengagement,” includes a range of elements causing these negative perceptions:

  • Very few employees can recognize their company’s cultural values.
  • Among those who can, a majority don’t find their organization’s culture especially attractive.
  • Similar studies reveal most employees lack of understanding or agreement with the organizations’ mission or vision statements.

Given the disheartening sentiment, it’s not startling that most professionals do not trust their firm’s leadership.

Senior Leaders Need To Take A Proactive Role On Their Culture

Senior leaders need to take a proactive role on these issues — or risk losing valuable talent to competitors. Employees are genuinely engaged when their requirements beyond the essentials of compensation and tools are being satisfied; such as the less measurable but important requirements for recognition, direction, inspiration, and purpose, according to the assessment.

Research shows that business success is driven by engaged employees. Engaged employees are the ones who know why they get up each morning to come to work. But the data shows us there are a few things missing.” Nearly 400 U.S. and Canadian workers took part in the research.

Leaders across the world proclaim that “High Quality” relationships are a strategic asset. When asking a CEO of one the largest private banks in the United States how he measured this relationship asset, he did not have an answer.

Compelling Need For Standards Of Relationship Capital (RC)

There are no current operational accounting measures of Relationship Capital (RC) on the balance sheet. And therein lies the rub. How can leaders design, shape, and operate a high-performance culture without this intangible asset being measured. Business leaders require industry standards of relationship capital in order to guide their progress.

As a business leader, professional/entrepreneur, organizational unit, or product/service, your:

  • Relationship Capital (RC) will become as important as revenue, income, and cash flow in sustaining a business.
  • RC will recognize your credibility, reputation, and influence.
  • Relationship Capital (RC) will provide a Key Performance Indicator to attract opportunities to you.
  • The RC Social Interaction Process will be the touchstone self-governance model of high-performing groups.

Relationship Capital (RC) has always been a key performance indicator of high performing leadership. The challenge has been that this intangible asset is based on the values, perceptions, and behaviors of the individual & group, of which behavior is the only observable element.

Whether you are an executive leader of a global corporation, an entrepreneur, or a business professional, you compete in a global marketplace. The rapid deployment of mobile devices, cloud infrastructure platforms, and big data analytics technologies creates an environment that will transform the competitive landscape across whole industries. Add open standards for capturing and measuring what has been an intangible asset and you can foresee a business world that competes on high proactive trustworthiness or Relationship Capital (RC). Outcompeting by out behaving the competition.

The speed at which a product or service innovation can be created, sold, and implemented through these global digital channels is mind numbing. The ability to earn and maintain trust by capturing Relationship Capital (RC) is as important as any other forms of capital (financial, intellectual, human, etc.)

Earn Relationship Capital Distinction on Peer SaaS


As we visualize the future, it is important to see where we have been. We have moved from an agrarian society through the industrial age to the information age over the last 100 years. Now, through the explosion of social media channels, we have entered the “Relationship Capital Economy” where establishing and growing credibility or “RC” with you entire ecosystem of customers, employees, and partners, will be the new currency or even gold standard for success. Relationship Capital will be the recognition and reward that elevates employee engagement, happiness, and your organization’s journey of significance.