How To Light A Fire Of Innovation In Your Organization

A Standard of Trust leader proactively extends trust which creates an open and free environment enabling people to reach or fail to reach their example and beliefs with their own distinctive qualities. This deepening of trust is the critical qualifier that inspires others to take the risks that are so foundational to igniting a fire of innovation in an organization.

Image: Dov Seidman and LRN

We are at an important inflection point. In our 21st-century world of rapid technological advancement that is is disrupting entire industries, for business organizations to survive and thrive, they must innovate. Innovation requires a business culture of purpose, values, and relationship capital trust. Many traditional leaders have had the false belief that their organization’s culture was not a lever that they could effectively manage for higher levels of performance. Culture is often overlooked as a business driver because it’s an asset without a dollar value. Leaders need to assess and implement new operating models that leverage the innate purpose, values, and creativity of the individual and the team with the flexibility and efficiency of technology.

Culture is a key lever for high performing and innovative self-governing and your highest performing teams do the right things to earn this self-governance. You will learn our meaning and business benefits for assessing, capturing, measuring, and utilizing your business culture’s Relationship capital (RC). RC measures this most mature culture of purpose and guiding principles of behavior that is the greatest asset of a flourishing business.

Standard of Trust Leadership is inspirational because it is about putting your people in control and letting your shared purpose and values drive higher levels of performance that are underpinned by high relationship capital trust. Standard of Trust Leadership is about influencing and supporting a team of leaders and followers within your organization and across your entire ecosystem of customers, partners, and suppliers that will attract distinction, innovation, and financial performance.

To create and sustain your competitiveness in this social business world requires your team to see the opportunities as well as threats coming at them and proactively respond. Customers will not wait for you to develop the perfect business strategy, operating model, and/or launch the perfect technology platform when they want to make a decision. Your organizational culture must be smart, fast, and proactively act with good intent in the best interests of the customer/client and all your stakeholders. Your products/services must be at the right place at the right time in the customer’s decision-making journey. Part of the answer to distinguish your culture to:

  • Attract start performing customers & clients that will attract the attention and respect from other customers.
  • Earn respect of credible thought leaders and brand ambassadors who will share your story and recommend you.
  • Attract the star performing employees who share their high purpose and mastery with your organizational purpose to create amazing experiences not only with the customer & client, but also throughout your entire ecosystem of partners, and suppliers.


As more and more leaders influence and shape their business cultures to adopt higher standards of purpose, mastery, and relationship capital trust, standing still will no longer be an option for the laggards. As more examples of Standard of Trust businesses flourish in their respective industries, the expectations and demands of your stakeholders will continue to rise. There is no end game, just a continuous journey of distinction through purpose, mastery and relationship capital. The competitive battles leveraging business culture for sustainable advantage has only just begun…it is only the end of the beginning.

As you can see, today’s competitive battles are less about business entity versus business entity, and more about business ecosystem versus business ecosystem. It’s more of a peer-to-peer relationship that requires your business and your team to behave as a standard of trust based on shared purpose and values. Igniting a fire of innovation is an imperative to sustaining a business today. Your stakeholders are watching.

Introducing Peer SaaS or PE-ER: “Performing Excellence-Engaging Recognition”


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