Changing Safari Keyboard Shortcut to Change Tabs (or any Mac application)

Recently, I did a fresh install of El Capitan on a few of my systems. A co-worker has been telling me how much he loves Apple’s Safari over Google Chrome. Although I prefer Chrome as my browser for development, I decided to give Safari a try for every day use. I will admit that it’s been a great experience overall. My only issue are a few of the shortcuts. Specifically the CTRL+Tab and CMD+Shift+arrow keys to change window tabs.

To me, those shortcuts suck. If you’re focused on the address bar and use CMD+Shift+Right Arrow, it doesn’t change tabs. Then, depending on what you’re focused on, CTRL+Tab doesn’t always change tabs. It just toggles between the other items that you’re focused on. Long story short, it wasn’t as easy as Google Chrome’s CMD+Option+arrow keys.

I did a little digging and right before my eyes, there was the solution: create the shortcut yourself. First navigate to System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.

Assigning App Shortcuts in System Preferences

Click the plus sign. An option to select any application installed on your Mac comes up. Select Safari, and then you want to type in the menu title of the menu command you want to change. To find this exact name, open Safari, and go to the Window menu.

You’ll see the exact name of the menu command that you are trying to change. FYI: If you did like me and opened Safari with just one tab, you’ll notice that the options will be greyed out. Open another tab and the options will become active. Now you can test and see which menu command you want to assign your keyboard shortcut to.

Type that command into the Menu Title text box in the System Preference. Then in the Keyboard Shortcut, press the keys you want to assign to this shortcut. For me, I wanted CMD+Option+Right Arrow to assign to “Show Next Tab” menu command. Hit Add and you’re done.

This method can create keyboard shortcuts for any application installed on your system.

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