Finding Inspiration

Inspiration is one of those valuable, intangible items. There are some that have an unlimited amount of inspiration. They ooze it out of their pores. You speak to them for a second and you feel inspired to get out and do SOMETHING. You may not know what the hell it is you want to do. All you know is that deep down in your bones you want to go out there and knock something out.

Then there are a few, myself include, who struggle with inspiration. It comes and goes. And you can’t say that inspiration to do nothing is the same as being inspired. That is not the point of this post, otherwise I’d be the master. But I mean finding inspiration to do whatever your trade/skill/talent/job is. For me, it’s music, writing, development and music.

Every now and then we just lose that thing that bubbles up inside you and makes you want to create or handle business. But then there are those sweet moments when you’re walking along the path of life and you come across a pond. It’s this overflowing pond that is full of inspiration. You look at the pond, in all it’s wonderful glory. Then you wonder ‘where the HELL have you been?!?!’ You sip a little from the pond and you get full of ideas and energy. It takes over your body and you find your mind moving at a 100 miles a second.

How do you bottle this inspiration up? Not to sell and profit from. But to tap into later. Once you walk away from this pond it’s going to be hard to get HERE again. It feels so GOOD. It’s like a drug running through your veins. Who would want to walk away from that? Yet, if you want to keep moving forward in life, you have to.

The thing is, this is not the only pond along your journey. There are thousands of ponds along the way. Finding those ponds is a journey in itself. But it is well worth it. One long path without a pond or lack of inspiration is not a reason to stop. You should take it as a reason to keep moving forward. Fight through the pain. Sooner or later, you’ll be right back to another pond. Taking a long, refreshing sip of inspiration.