A Tsunami’s Coming and Everyone’s at the Beach

Samantha Standish
Nov 28, 2018 · 2 min read

“The revolution will not be televised.” Gil Scott-Heron

Before a tsunami, the Earth moves. The motion is barely noticeable. It might appear harmless like little waves over the surface of the water. Yet, when those waves reach land, the force of that underlying motion may level everything in its path. This happens even though you couldn’t see the potential for destruction in the little waves.

To use the analogy, the Earth has moved, we’re in the little waves, and the tsunami is coming. You may not see the revolution that’s surrounding you because it’s not being televised. It’s happening nonetheless. Very few people are prepared for it.

The world needs to prepare for what’s coming. At a bare minimum, people need to get off the beach.

“What’s coming?” you may ask. “What is this tsunami?”

What’s coming is a tsunami of change. It’s change at every level — physical, geographic, technological, psychological, religious, scientific, governmental, economic, social, emotional, organizational, and so forth.

Humans don’t like change. They like innovation, but they don’t like change because change is uncomfortable, and it requires effort. You just learned everything one way, and now you have to learn it another way. It takes work to let go of what you’ve learned, to ditch all the effort you exerted learning it, and then learn a whole different way of doing things.

Most people are “at the beach” because most people are defending the patterns that they’ve been taught are the social norm. This won’t be good enough for what’s coming. The social norms that people have been taught are going to be wiped out from the tsunami of change that’s right around the corner.

The revolution is the understanding that the universe is undivided. The presence of that concept is here. We’re about to participate with its effects.

The fundamental structure of reality is making “waves” every day. Its force is moving out in all directions toward us. It’s going to hit soon.

There’s still time to prepare. You get ready for what’s coming by embracing change. You adapt to it willingly. You pay attention to new ideas, inventions, and social trajectories that are already visible as the little waves and you adopt those little waves into your thinking. You prepare for the tsunami by becoming like a kid that’s willing to explore the unfamiliar. This moves you off the beach.

The tsunami is on its way. Those that blindly stick to the old ways better invest in a wetsuit.

Samantha Standish

Written by

I’m a writer. I focus on the why behind the what. www.samanthastandish.com.

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