Cryptocurrency Won’t Be Regulated

Samantha Standish
Jan 21 · 4 min read

“We’re at the threshold of an era of voluntary systems.”

Humans are unregulatable, but they can be regulated and unregulated by choice. The reason that humans are unregulatable is that a human is the ability to make a choice. You’re a human because you have a will. A will is the ability to generate motion. That will is individuated which means that only the individual can make its choices. This is a design that can’t be modified.

Within the sphere of possibilities that are present in any given moment, you and only you can make a choice for you. That’s what makes you a human. No matter how much leverage or pressure or coercion another person presents, the choice that you make in any moment will be your choice and yours alone. This is why certain individuals die of torture. No matter how much threat is applied, if the individual doesn’t want to provide the information that’s demanded, no one can make them do it. It’s their decision because they’re a human with a will. The leverage can’t change that design. The design trumps the threat even unto death. Humans are unregulatable.

The reason that people threaten other people is that they understand that humans can’t be regulated, so they try to get other people to regulate themselves. They present arguments and threats to convince people to adopt regulation because humans can choose to be regulated or unregulated.

For thousands of years, humans have adopted the idea that they could be regulated. Whether they’ve acquiesced to the idea because they’ve believed it was just easier or they’ve rebelled against regulation because they thought it could be imposed on them, either way, they’ve taken on the idea that they could be regulated. They’ve used their unregulatable state to choose regulation. These have been assumptions that were used to explore the idea of separation. These assumptions are now changing because the way that humans understand the mechanics of reality is changing. Separation is no longer the default assumption.

This change in assumptions is giving rise to changes in systems, technologies, and innovations. The game has different rules now because the assumptions are different.

Systems Are Byproducts of Changed Perspectives

Technological innovation is the byproduct of changes in perspective. The changes happen first in perspective, then in physical inventions. Take computers, for example. Computers weren’t invented to herald in change. They were the result of changes that had already happened in the way that people were thinking about themselves and the world.

People change the way that they think, then the systems and technologies reflect that change. Using the new systems and technologies facilitate further changes in perspective that then result in new systems and technologies. Incrementally, people change the way that they view things and incrementally, those changes in perspective are reflected in the inventions that surround those people.

Cryptocurrency is a reflection of changes in perspective that have already happened. It hasn’t been invented to bring about change. It’s been invented as a reflection of changes that have already taken place. Cryptocurrency isn’t here to disrupt present systems. Present systems have already been disrupted due to changes in perspective that have already happened, and cryptocurrency is one of the ways that the change is being reflected.

The primary trend that you’ll notice as we move into this new era is that people want voluntary systems. This change is already in the hearts, minds, and intentions of people around the globe, and you see it all around you as new ways of doing things. Voluntary systems will be reflected in every area of human life from finance to government, communication, technology, and on and on.

The change that will give way to greater and greater inventiveness has already happened. It can’t be “unhappened.” It won’t revert back to the “way it was.” It’s a done deal because social assumptions have changed.

These changes are due to an evolutionary understanding of the mechanics of the reality. Science now knows that reality is innately undivided. The concept of the inherent undisconnected nature of fundamental reality is being absorbed now by the masses and reflected out in new systems, technologies, and inventions.

People are going to try to regulate these new systems, and those unregulatable individuals that want to participate with regulated systems will gravitate to those places and to those individuals that are creating regulated systems, but those that wish to participate in unregulated systems will have the option to do so as well. The era of imposed governance is on its way out because the assumptions that supported imposed systems are no longer held by the masses. They’re no longer the social norm.

This doesn’t mean that there won’t be forms of governance. It means that governance will not be involuntary. It won’t be imposed. It will be at will.

Cryptocurrency won’t be regulated because it’s a reflection of the desire for voluntary systems. No matter how many control mechanisms are placed on it, those mechanisms will fail due to the nature of the changes that have already taken place. Therefore, those that want regulation will have to deal with digital money and hybrid systems instead. Those that want to deal with permissionless systems will deal with cryptocurrency and are already doing so.

Instead of a “one size fits all” world, there will be many options in the years to come, and no single way of doing business will win out. This isn’t because there’s a “plan” to make it that way. It’s because the changes that need to happen to make it that way have already happened.

Samantha Standish

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