Flashlight, Batteries, DigiByte

Samantha Standish
May 14 · 5 min read

I get information in the most unusual ways. A few months back, I was doing research on winters in Minnesota which led me to information on the polar vortex which led to information on the grand solar minimum which led to information on the prepper/survivalist community which led to information on Faraday containers for electronics which led me to think about DigiByte. Everything comes back to cryptocurrency for me these days.

Because of Earth, climate, and political changes, there are people that prepare for upsets in the performance of our social systems. They set aside food, batteries, solar chargers, and electronics to cover themselves in emergency situations. While I was reading up on some of this (which is pretty fascinating reading, by the way), I thought that if these people were serious about functioning after a crisis, they’d download the DigiByte core wallet and mining software because you could reboot an entire society top to bottom with a few computers and this software. DigiByte eliminates the need for the old systems of government in order to function as a streamlined society.

Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology enables you to set up efficient, limitless systems of information. So, it can be used for voting, tracking the movement of resources, the establishment and execution of contracts, the exchange of value between parties (money), the protection of personal information, the tokenizing of assets, and the list continues unabated until your imagination gives out. To put it in simple terms, you can create your own economy and government with this tool, and it’s free because it’s an open source project.

For most folks, the word DigiByte conjures up something that you purchase at Best Buy to increase the RAM on your computer. It’s a foreign concept that such a word can be associated with doing international business or getting medical advice or paying for your home, and yet this “thing” called DigiByte can be used for all of that and much more. So can other cryptocurrencies and blockchains, but DigiByte is special.

I like DigiByte because it has superior technology and no company behind it. In the business world, this is an unusual and special combination because it makes the project more resistant to manipulation. There are people all over the world that work on the DigiByte project on their own time and on their own dime because they believe in DigiByte. These individuals want to design systems that run on a different set of assumptions, and those assumptions are highly advantageous to everyday people because they empower individuals to act without intermediaries. DigiByte gives people access to tools and resources that weren’t possible in the past.

What’s more, I like DigiByte because it’s not as speculative as cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. If you do the math, the price of DigiByte is likely to be modest even at its high. With some exceptions, you’re not going to be buying a Lamborghini with your DigiByte investment. In fact, if you follow cryptocurrency on Twitter, you’ll see individuals that want to get rich quick complain about the lower price for the DigiByte coin. It frustrates them because they’re not interested in DigiByte as a tool of empowerment. They’re interested in making money by investing in it as a currency.

I believe that this more moderate price trajectory is an advantage because it weeds out greed-based orientations which is what cryptocurrency was designed to remedy in the first instance. Those that are involved with DigiByte tend to be people that are in it for genuine, equitable, efficient change in the way that humans do everything. Ultimately, that makes DigiByte more reliable than other projects because people continue to work on the DigiByte tech despite the price of the coin.

Getting involved in the use of DigiByte doesn’t cost money. You can download a wallet for your phone or your computer for free, and this gives you access to things like their ID tool that allows you to sign into certain websites securely by just scanning the QR code on the website, a feature that I wish that all websites would adopt because it’s easier and more secure than passwords. People with no tech background shy away from downloading cryptocurrency wallets because they don’t understand anything about cryptocurrency itself, but this is the best reason to download a wallet. You can get to know how the cryptocurrency world works by playing with a wallet at no cost.

The independent nature of the DigiByte project makes it a threat to the status quo because it can’t be bought and eliminated. For this reason, the DigiByte coin isn’t as easy to acquire as Bitcoin, for example, because it’s not playing ball. For example, DigiByte doesn’t get listed on some of the exchanges that have competing interests or exchanges that charge large listing fees. With DigiByte, there’s no company to pay the listing fee. Thus, in the United States, you have to buy some Bitcoin and trade it for DigiByte in order to acquire DigiByte, which can be done with Cash App and an Exodus wallet. There are other methods, but I haven’t checked them out yet. It’s an intimidating process for the average person because there are risks involved.

Last year, I bought a little Bitcoin to trade for DigiByte because I wanted to put my energy into something that I believe has the potential to benefit the whole planet. I wanted to be a part of the DigiByte community. But it was a nervewracking and time-consuming endeavor. Until this process is easy for normal, non-tech people, owning DigiByte will be for those that have an extra chromosome of patience and determination. This is not most Americans at present.

I believe that preppers and survivalists are just such focused people, however. They’re not your average Americans. For that reason, if you consider yourself part of that community, you might want to take a couple of hours out of your day and download the wallet and mining software as part of your preparation routine. You don’t have to buy any Digibyte coin, though you could add some as fodder. Having a DigiByte prep kit would give anyone a superior start at designing a new society in a time of crisis. And if such a crisis never shows up, having a DigiByte wallet with a few coins means that you’re a highly intelligent person that happens to be ahead of the curve, and that’s never a bad thing.

Samantha Standish
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