How to Offer a Book for Sale for Cryptocurrency

Samantha Standish
Feb 21 · 2 min read

Anyone can experiment with decentralization.

“You’re Equal” by Samantha Standish.

Today, on my website I allowed people to purchase one of my books using the cryptocurrency DigiByte. It will probably have to be considered a donation for tax purposes because of the nature of cryptocurrency right now and the fact that anyone can download the book. Nevertheless, I wanted to experiment with the actual implementation of living cryptocurrency instead of just writing about it. I wanted to encourage more adoption by adopting into the ecosystem myself.

Now, you can only purchase the book with one cryptocurrency — DigiByte [I’ve now added Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin]. Only so many people have DigiByte right now, and only so many people know how to get DigiByte right now, and only so many people want to spend DigiByte right now, and only so many people that have DigiByte and want to spend DigiByte are going to be interested in a book about an out of body experience. So, I’m not planning on making a fortune. In fact, I’m not planning on making anything. It’s not the point. The point was to be part of the change, to participate at a deeper level.

What’s unique about the experience of offering a book for sale using cryptocurrency is the direct nature of it. There’s no middleman. All I needed was a DigiByte address. There are many ways to get one. The easiest is to download the DigiByte wallet which is what I did. After that, all you need is a website and an Internet connection, and anyone can buy my book even without a shopping cart plugin. It’s all very direct and easy.

Of course, the way I did it is a bit of a risk because anyone can download the book without paying for it. However, I think that most people are honorable, and this is a philosophical treatise, so if you’re of a dishonorable frame of mind, you’re not going to want to read the book anyway, so what’s the point of stealing it? In any case, I’m willing to take the risk because I’m participating with the new economy that’s being built, and that’s an exciting thing.

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