September 2019 & The Next Ten Years

A tsunami is about to touch land.

Samantha Standish
Aug 26 · 6 min read

A while back, I wrote about a tsunami of change that was on its way. That tsunami is about to hit land sometime in September. It will be a wall of change that takes about a decade to wash through our lives. By the time it’s through, you won’t recognize the world. It will be a very different existence.

Everyone needs the proper gear to get through this. I’m talking about psychological gear. You have to understand what’s happening so that you’re not swept off in the chaos.

You can think of it like this. From here on out, there will be two distinct and different species of humans — the old species that will be dying off and the new species that will be expanding and growing. They can be defined as follows:

  1. Those that believe in a material world of separation (competition).
  2. Those that believe in an energy world of unseparation (cooperation).

These are not philosophies of life. These are beliefs about the structural nature of reality, about the way that reality functions. These are beliefs about the mechanics of our dimension.

The difference between these two approaches and what happens to those individuals that hold these different approaches will become very visible as we move into this decade of change. It will be easy to see who’s in which camp.

Science, culture, finance, social relations, economics, business, and exploration will be built on one of these two foundations when, in the past, they were just built on the assumption of separation alone.

As the tsunami of change hits, you’ll see the social constructions based on the assumption of separation crumble. They’ll move into phased deconstruction. This will be unsettling to many people that don’t understand what’s happening.

Conversely, you’ll see the social constructions based on the assumption of unseparation grow and gain strength. This new assumption is about to move into phased expansion and its why I’m writing this article.

Knowing how to see through what’s happening to the mechanics beneath the trends is your survival gear.

Science Fiction Becomes Science Fact

When you change assumptions about the nature of reality, you change what’s possible. When you know that the building blocks of reality are unseparated, it follows that there are no limitations because there’s no force to oppose any particular action. Opposition requires separate elements to oppose one another, and if energy is unseparated then this premise of opposition goes away. That means that there are no limitations.

Science is already creating technologies based on the assumption that energy can’t separate. As a result, science fiction will soon be science fact. Plasma and other electro-magnetic technologies are going to change the way that we live, and that’s just the beginning.

We’re about to begin a decade long migration into a new paradigm that has its foundations in the idea that matter is composed of energy that’s unseparated. That decade will then be followed by another forty years of more vigorous changes. However, if you have an interest in history, this next decade is going to be the real showstopper. You’ll see more significant change over the next ten years than in the last ten thousand years of human history, and by being here, you have a front-row seat to it all. It’s going to be fascinating.

Many people won’t see it that way. They’ll be puzzled and afraid. To soothe the angst (yours or that of the people that you know), have a lookout for the following, and what you see will make greater sense:

Centralization: All systems based on the idea of centralized power will either fall apart or be reformed. Centralization is born from the idea of relativity. It’s quantitative. It measures things as less and more. Relative power is based on the idea that energy can separate. That’s no longer an assumption you want to make if you want to stick around longer than a decade.

Any system that has a person or people making decisions for another person or group of people will become increasingly ineffective. Watch as regulatory agencies, governments, financial institutions, and businesses that are based on centralized power begin to either become defunct or reform.

Decentralization: All systems based on the idea of dispersed power will begin to take shape and gain strength. Decentralization is born from the idea of the inherent unseparated nature of structural reality. Instead of believing that everything is relative, it believes that everything is about focus and scale. That is, what looks like differences is the focus on some specific part of reality. At no time are you separate from the larger reality, however, as you focus on a specific. All power is one unseparated power. The diversity is in the manner that the individual chooses to focus in an unseparated multiverse.

You’ll notice that any system that supports individual power will become increasingly effective. Any system that disperses power will gain dominance over these next ten years. This will be particularly easy to see in the financial industry. Banks will lose control and will have to reform into something that supports individual sovereignty, or they’ll go under.

At the same time, you’ll see that individuals will have to take greater responsibility for their lives in all areas of existence from healthcare to family life to their personal explorations. They’ll have to take on the power that they once assigned to centralized entities, groups, or individuals.

You may ask, “Why does a changed assumption lead to all of this?” Assumptions run everything. If you assume that the store is closed, you don’t go to the store. Your assumptions dictate what you do.

“But I assume that everything is separate,” you say, “so, all of these changes don’t apply to me and those like me.” Wrong. There are too many people on the planet now that assume otherwise, and the new assumption is what’s dictating technological changes. These scientific and technological changes that are built on the assumption of unseparated energy are powerful. You can fight them just like people fought the invention of cars and phones and computers, but you’ll end up on the losing side of history.

The changes that we’re about to see are not like the invention of the car, the phone, and the computer, however. These changes are much, much more powerful. They represent a complete paradigm switch. This has not happened in human history. What do you create when you know that there are no limitations? This is the world that we begin to walk into now.

You may ask, “Why is September the start of all of this?” It’s a critical mass point. If you look for the trends, you can see what’s coming. Begin to pay attention. Scan for the patterns. None of this is hidden. There are many people that are aware that “stuff is up.” Most people aren’t looking, so they’re not seeing the bigger picture. That’s why from time to time I write a head’s up that stuff is up.

In essence, September begins a new world. In that world, anything is possible. It will look like destruction to those that watch the systems that they grew up with crumble and fall. It will look like construction to those that watch the new systems forming right before their eyes.

You’re going to see centralized power and resources fail and decentralized power and resources succeed. This has nothing to do with protests or groups demanding change from governments. It has to do with a different set of assumptions about the nature of reality. This different set of assumptions has already happened, and it has created the groundwork for what’s coming. What’s coming doesn’t play by the old rules. It has its own rules.

By the end of September, it will not be business as usual. Get ready for a decade of change, and choose the species of human that suits the times. Only one of them is going to survive the tsunami.

Samantha Standish

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I’m a writer. I focus on the why behind the what.

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