The Future Of Government Is No Government

We are swiftly moving into an era of voluntary systems.

Samantha Standish
Jun 29, 2019 · 3 min read

I’m a big picture person. That’s because I’ve seen the bigger picture. I mean that literally. I had a life-changing out of body experience wherein for a very short period of time I experienced the mechanics of reality itself. It was as if I took a “time out” from this world. It had such an impact on my perspective that I wrote a book about it. In that experience, I saw the trajectory for the human race over the next hundred years. This is why I’ve been writing about decentralized systems such as cryptocurrency. I know that this is part of the infrastructure for the way things are going to work.

At present, we’re in a transitional phase. We’re in that bridge between the way things have worked for thousands of years and the massive expansion that’s about to take place. The transitional phase is temporary. It will end, and then the new systems will kick in.

For the last decade or so, I’ve been dropping hints to family and friends about what to expect as things begin to heat up. I think change is much easier to handle when you have some inkling about what to expect. It doesn’t remove the discomfort of the change, but it can keep the panic at bay while you’re going through the process. I’ve begun to drop hints to a wider audience. So, here’s the hint: The future of government is no government.

The idea that humans will not be governed in the future seems like some sort of utopian fantasy held by childish individuals that don’t want to look at the destructive elements of human nature. I’m not one of those people. I’m writing this as a head’s up because it may get chaotic for a while, so you may want to know where the chaos is headed. It’s headed to a world with no government.

The reason that there won’t be government in the future (which is coming sooner than you think) is because it’s being replaced by systems that allow individuals to act with one another directly. You can think of it this way — the middleman is getting the boot. The functions that government provided will be replaced with software programs. Not only will those government functions be performed by software, but they will be performed with tremendous efficiency. Government will be phased out because it’s no longer needed.

What you’re going to see is the rise of voluntary systems. Imagine taxes being crowdfunded instead of imposed. This is the nature of these systems. You opt into them instead of obeying them. You use the system to facilitate your interests instead of the system using you to fulfill its vision. It’s the death knell of hierarchy and the rise of cooperative technology. It will look like destruction, incoherence, and conflict as the transition gains speed. It’s already started. We’re about to move into a more intense phase of it.

These new systems, the technologies of which I speak, are the result of changes that have already taken place in the global psyche. The technologies are the byproducts of those mass psychological changes. What I’m saying is that the masses want these changes. Therefore, the presence and power of these technologies is going to grow rapidly and get stronger. It’s going to move at an exponential rate rather than a slow, linear progression. So, you have to learn to adapt. Changes that might have taken a century to complete in the past will happen over a couple of years. That’s the pace, and it’s just beginning.

The technological foundations that are being built are to facilitate a rapid advance in the capacity of the human race to explore. We’re going to know more and do more, and we need the infrastructure that will allow that to happen. One of the more noticeable areas of change will be in government. It will no longer exist. This need not be worrisome if you allow yourself to get comfortable with the idea now. Ready or not, however, here it comes. The next two decades will the most fascinating in human history. Stick around, and see what happens.

Samantha Standish

Written by

I’m a writer and futurist with an obsessive interest in decentralization and a background in law.

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