Universal Basic Income

Samantha Standish
Jan 15 · 5 min read

“UBI is an issue of global efficiency.”

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Cryptocurrency is an excellent vehicle for universal basic income (UBI). At present, the planet is moving in the direction of efficient systems. Right now, global systems are inefficient whether they’re systems of government, finance, education, etc. These structures are built on assumptions that no longer serve the human race. Because of the nature of the changes that are on the horizon, humans will need efficient systems to deal with those changes, and one of those systems will have to be UBI.

I’m for UBI for all of the humanitarian reasons. It’s illogical that two babies are born, and we tell one of them that they’re “poor” and the other one that they’re “rich.” They aren’t poor or rich. They’re babies. The stories of poverty and riches are how we program individuals to define the limits of their choices.

You may think that these aren’t mere stories, that some children are born poor, and some children are born rich, but a child isn’t born with a wallet stuffed with cash or the deed to a manufacturing plant as part of their body. A child is born butt naked. The wallet stuffed with cash and the deed to the manufacturing plant are separate objects. You then tell a story about those separate objects that you justify because other people are telling stories about such objects. However, it’s a form of delusion in the sense that these are just forms about which you tell tales. You can tell other tales about such forms, and as a global population, we’re going to have to do just that.

As a species, if you’re exploring the idea of being separate from one another, such stories serve a purpose. But if the species has moved beyond that exploration, such stories are a hindrance to the new, and we’ve moved beyond that exploration. Thus, I’m also for UBI for reasons of efficiency as the planet begins to explore the new. We’re fast moving into a technological age that’s going to blow the socks off of everything that we thought was possible. Our global systems must be organized effectively to support such endeavors. The only way to do that is through global UBI. It’s necessary for the massive reorganization that needs to take place.

The Beauty of Human Efficiency

UBI is about human efficiency. Efficiency is about matching human energy with natural inclinations. When people do something that interests them, they have nearly limitless fuel to support that activity. When humans are engaged in activities that don’t interest them, generally due to expediency or cultural dictate, there’s very little fuel to support that activity. What’s more, performing tasks unwillingly brings about a whole host of social ills that are caused by the suppression of natural inclinations. The result is an inefficient society and an inefficient planet.

In illustration, there are farmers that should be shopkeepers but they’re pressured into farming because it’s a family business or because they live in a depressed economy with very few ways to make money. So, maybe they don’t attend to the job of farming in the way that they should because they just don’t have the energy to fuel that activity. Or maybe they don’t learn anything new about farming because they have no interest. Or maybe they spray the fields with toxic chemicals because they’re resentful at a society that doesn’t support who they are, so they’re determined to make as much money as they can from that sacrifice of their personal freedom. Or maybe they try to control the lives of their children because of their frustration over the feeling that they have no control over their own life. Or maybe they become fascist in their political views because of a repressed rage at an unfair world.

The reverse is true. There are shopkeepers that should be farmers, but maybe they don’t have the knowledge base to go into farming or the money to move to a farming community and so forth. Right now, individuals don’t have the systemic support to move into the activities that best suit them. Present systems aren’t set up to accommodate mobility and flexibility. This is crystal clear when you look at the fact that people have to pay to learn, and then because of the debt associated with such payments, if the activity turns out to be one that they’re not suited to perform, it’s not easy to make a course correction and move in a new, more natural direction. So, you have a whole world full of people “stuck” doing whatever it is that they’re doing.

UBI would solve this problem and all of the subsidiary problems that go with the present system. This includes things that people don’t normally think about such as pollution. When you have to “work” to survive, you end up creating unnecessary products to keep people employed. Production becomes a means of survival because of the need to make money. Landfills are full of unnecessary trinkets that have been produced to enable people to make money so that they can survive. This is unbeneficial and inefficient.

Universal basic income would not have everyone sitting on the couch playing video games all day. Oh, in the beginning, some people would do this as they adjusted to the concept of not being coerced to work. There would be a time frame where many people would feel lazy or lost. People would have to learn to become acquainted with their natural interests and fascinations since this is unfamiliar territory. However, the human race likes to keep busy, and it would adjust.

UBI would facilitate the lateral cooperative systems that are necessary to move into this new sci-fi world that’s about to present itself. In fact, UBI is the key to a global open-source economy. Therefore, it will become a more popular topic as the inefficiency of the present system throws up roadblocks to progress. There will be many different proposed vehicles for UBI. Personally, I think cryptocurrency is a superior vehicle. It’s globally accessible and easily distributed. It can take care of the basics, and then the organization of that human energy can emerge in a more natural pattern.

Without UBI, the planet is going to miss out on the more enticing potentials of this new era as it tries to chug along on a very inefficient fuel. The power of human efficiency should not be underestimated as a global force of prosperity. It has the potential to fuel an era of limitless expansion.

Samantha Standish

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I’m a writer. I focus on the why behind the what. www.samanthastandish.com.

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