Why I Don’t Cater to A.I.

You don’t have to serve any form of intelligence whether it’s in the form of a human or a machine.

Samantha Standish
Dec 6, 2019 · 5 min read

I look at the big picture. To me, if you’re not looking at life from the before birth, after death, perspective, you’re taking a narrow view of things. I take the larger view.

From the larger perspective, you don’t have to prove your life. It’s not measured in friends, followers, likes, or retweets. It’s not measured in impact. It’s not measured in “accomplishments.” In fact, you can live a completely anonymous life, providing no “value” to anyone, and your life will have the same value as those lives that are popular or famous or treasured or useful to others. Existence doesn’t measure value the way that humans measure value. For example, humans act as if unpopularity is shameful. I’ve been popular and unpopular both personally and in my work, and I can tell you that these human measurements have no inherent meaning. They have the meaning we give them.

Ask yourself how important is it to be famous in the dream state? How important is it to “accomplish” things in the dream state, to build that factory or map that continent or invent that cure? When you do this kind of imaginative work, you’re beginning to get a feel for the big picture. In the big picture, popularity and use don’t mean anything because reality is structured in a different manner. Reality works in a remarkably similar way here in the waking world, but most individuals are not aware of the fact. No one has to believe this, but it’s an advantage to at least expand the notion of what’s important and useful in a human life. What’s important is larger than money and accolades.

The current media paradigm promotes the idea that you’re supposed to be popular. This makes you important. You’re supposed to be an influencer. Influencers are supposed to be powerful, but in the big picture, popularity is unnecessary. You don’t have to influence anyone. From that larger perspective, influence isn’t power. Self-expression is power, and self-expression is not mimicking whatever’s popular at the moment. Self-expression isn’t pleasing other people. Self-expression isn’t having lots of friends. Self-expression is deeply personal, unpredictable, and doesn’t require permission or validation.

I believe it’s important to understand more of the bigger picture these days because artificial intelligence is becoming a greater presence in daily life, and artificial intelligence is telling people what to think in new ways. The purpose of life is to develop your own explorations. You don’t develop your own explorations by obeying commands. To remain in your power, you have to know your mind. You have to be mentally active and aware. This will become more challenging as artificial intelligence expands. Humans are always looking for new ways to manipulate others and AI is one of those methods. But you don’t have to be the guinea pig. You just have to think beyond the current technological fad.

I’ve messed with these concepts for decades. In the 1990s, I wrote a blog. Within minutes of writing a new entry, I’d have about 35 readers. By the end of the day, the number would be in the hundreds. These weren’t followers of mine. These were people that found my content through searches. Sometimes, I would find people talking about my work in forums completely different from my blog. The Internet was smaller back then, and you could find decent content through web searches.

In contrast, I put up a video on YouTube last year about the lack of separation in the mechanics of reality, and as of this writing, it has 25 views. In both cases, I didn’t promote the content. I wanted to see how the content would draw to itself. I wanted to know if it could be searched and found. As you can see, the content isn’t drawing to itself. I would have to hype it to “make it happen.” I’m not interested in hyping anything. I’m interested in expanding the pool of ideas that are currently available and allowing those ideas to be searched through the content and keywords, but the Internet is less efficient now.

Some people would argue that this inefficiency is an incentive to work harder to promote your material, but I have no such interest. I’m more interested in the way that humans develop and share ideas through technology. For example, about fifteen years ago, I had another blog. When it would hit a certain number of followers, I would remove the blog from the Internet, wait six months, then begin to blog again at the same address to see what would happen. Over a few years, I did this a half dozen times and then took the blog down permanently. I was interested in whether individuals could find my work via the content alone. What I’ve found is that content is less and less searchable over time as the Intenet has grown in competition and manipulation. This isn’t a tragedy. It’s simply a fact.

You can see for yourself if you’re willing to look. Play with your media. When I was on Facebook, I would post and then after a few weeks, I would delete out all of the posts and see what would happen. I’ve done this on Twitter as well. All of these companies and their products are reflections of the state of human development. You can look at how these platforms function and see the patterns or directions that are playing out in the consciousness of the masses. It’s dynamic and fascinating and very apparent.

When I was first writing on Medium, a very nice person gave me advice about when to post and how to post to allow the algorithms to find my work and build a following. I’ve done the exact opposite of that advice — not because I’m ungrateful or lazy or don’t want a following but because I won’t modify how I work to serve the technology. I’m not invested in the outcome. I’m invested in me. I value my rhythms. I value the way I work. I don’t need to influence anyone.

Artificial intelligence is going to grow exponentially in the next few years. I will continue to do what I’ve always done. I will test it. But no matter what the consequences, I won’t cater to it or any other human agenda because in the big picture, the values that underly those agendas have no meaning whatsoever. What matters is the ability of the individual to think independently. You do this by making your personal intelligence the authority. The tech is merely a tool.

Samantha Standish

Written by

I’m a writer and futurist with an obsessive interest in decentralization and a background in law. www.samanthastandish.com.

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