I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

The last thing you should blame for her second loss is the media as anyone that tuned in could see it was pro-hillary and anti-trump from the beginning. She spent twice the amount he did, she had the media, she had the celebrity endorsements, the super-pacs, she had concerts, she had sanders, presidents and a vice president campaigning for her. She had everything, everything a candidate could ask for and she lost. Replace her with any other woman and she wins. She lost because she’s just a horrible candidate.

People want change and not risk. They decided to take the groping celebrity who hasn’t screwed up yet over the trigger-happy criminal who has screwed up. America dodged the bullet with her, she would have been so bad that a woman may have never been elected ever again. I know America has a black president so now they want their female president and then their gay president, but in due time.

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