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At some point in a Product Engineering team you will be tired of every bug or issue being urgent and critical. This usually happens after dealing with several problems informed by late night Slack messages. At this point nobody really knows which issue is an urgent incident, which is worth waiting to the next morning and which isn’t even something worth solving. All this is harmful for the team’s culture and for the business itself. When everything becomes urgent, nothing is urgent and nobody cares anymore.

Unlike other processes, Incident Management doesn’t…

No Product Engineering team is perfect but every one feels the need to improve. That improvement is usually done under some kind of guidelines. There are a lot of posts about Engineering Principles. I personally like and get inspired by the ones at Monzo or Medium. Engineering Principles are necessary but usually they are generic and static.

The little brother of the Engineering Principles are the Dos and Don’ts. It’s just a list of specific rules. They address specific problems that a smaller team has at a certain time. Dos and Don’ts need to be reminded constantly until they become…

You can read this post on Spanish here.

I ask myself the same question every day: Does my work add value? Or am I moving rocks uphill just to let them fall and start all over again? Am I like Sisyphus? Not even 20th century philosophers can stop my desire of creating products that actually add value and also make me grow at a personal and professional level.

Good Product Software Engineers have a high sense of ownership and are involved in all the phases of building a product. From problem discovery, solution research and business assessment to iterative implementation…

At some point in a Product Engineering team you will have to address some issues related to code reviews. In some teams, code is pushed without barely looking at because reviews are too light. In others, code stays there for too long because reviews are too harsh. In others, pull requests are completely abandoned because nobody actually reviews code in their day to day.

Some more mature teams like Netlify arrive at creative solutions like adopting a metaphor to give feedback on code reviews. Others, like Squarespace, create more extended guidelines to submit and review pull requests. Google as even…

Humans love stories. We love telling them and we love reading, listening and watching them. Beyond entertainment, stories have allowed us to collaborate and build the world we live in today. Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari talks in-depth about this.

Given the importance of stories to the human mind, it seems there is no better way to explore it. I would like to share my approach to interviews and to emphasize the importance of storytelling when interviewing candidates for technical positions. Although I assume these tips can also be applied to interviews for product managers, designers, etc.

You must assume…

David Stanete

Show, don’t tell. Tech lead at @CreditasTech & helping at @gdgvalencia. Formerly @MercadonaTech & @chicfy

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