42: The world’s first self driving college

42, the world’s first self-driving school is certainly a moonshot college. This innovative school began in Paris in March/April of 2013 and has had tremendous success attracting and retaining the-best-of-the-best to become innovators in the burgeoning, high-tech arena. This year, we saw a rise in graduate students from traditional institutions like MiT, Stanford University, New York University, University of Chicago, UC Santa Barbara amongst others enrolling in the flagship program, the Piscine.

As the program remains tuition-free and provides a top-notch skill set covering the entirety of essential skills for employment in the digital sector in the United States, the number of applicants and participants has increased with each new class. In 2018, we saw a spike in high school graduates who applied to 42 instead of the traditional track and after the Piscine, most are immediately hired as interns by signature Silicon Valley tech companies such as Paypal, Facebook, Linkedin among others.

The “piscine” meaning “swimming pool” in French, is a sink-or-swim, 4-week, evaluation period designed to give these young adults, an exposure to the 42 Silicon Valley campus and it’s moonshot in education programs. Some of these applicants come with little to no coding experience and begin by learning Shell and C programming language. They are asked to complete several projects and be evaluated over the course of the next month to determine if they are both well-adapted to and comfortable with the pedagogy as well as if they have what it takes to become a “cadet”. As the “piscine” is designed to be a challenging experience; not all applicants will be selected as cadets at 42 Silicon Valley campus.

The process for beginning (admissions.42.us.org) this experience and becoming a “pisciner” and a potential member of an incoming class, entails taking 2 online tests (1 logic test and 1 memory test) to determine one’s capacity for this type of endeavor. One finds these tests on the application page of the 42 website. Those invited to join must also register with 42 and select a start date for an upcoming “piscine” before starting to code with the world’s first self driving school. If it sounds too good to be true, you are encouraged to schedule a campus visit at 6600 Dumbarton Circle in Silicon Valley. Yes, it is free! Yes, it is the best programming college around! Yes, it has world class learning and living facilities! Yes, it is a moonshot! Yes, it is the world’s first self driving classroom!42!