Heart of Start 生之初心

I haven’t updated my blog for a long time. Mainly because I put more efforts on writing in Chinese. I am running a Wechat publication page — “regrowth再成长,” which is focusing on the pure pleasure of writing from heart and enlightenment from daily life. The public account is not for business, but a place that I want to provide for all my dear friends who also love to write and read the sense of purity.

I resumed my writing here is because a friend of mine randomly checked out my blog and I was surprised by that because I think people won’t read it. (You know, fast consumption, busy busy, no time, and English is not my first language.) However, I still would love to take the time and reflect on what I have been through these days, of course, with some of my learnings that you may get inspired, hopefully.

Life is all about your Heart of Start-初心 (chuxin).

In Chinese culture, time is not one-way straight. It’s more like a cycle, every 60 years, there is a cycle. Within the big cycle, there are a lot of the small cycles. Cycle is the way of nature and the way of life. Nothing will flourish forever and nothing will fail forever. Means, changing as the process is the means of life, and maybe also the ultimate goal.

I brought this up, because the perception of time will completely shape how we understand the world, our life, and each single decision that we are facing at. We always say, make a better world tomorrow. Tomorrow, is it truly better than today? If you compare the two things, and you believe time is going one way down the road, believing tomorrow is better than today is more acceptable. However, does it matter that tomorrow is necessarily better than today? Why can’t we accept the fact that tomorrow is not better than today? It’s simple. Because we all live upon hopes. Hopes are the real things that ignite us and motivate us to walk further. The time of one-way straight facilities that perception. But again, my point is that today may not be better than yesterday, and it’s quite meaningless to compare the two. Sometimes, we just have to believe in something to keep our lives function well. However, the process of making either positive or negative differences should be both appreciated.

So what’s Heart of Start? Just think about it, 3 years, 12 years, 60 years, you will go back to where you started. Certainly you won’t be young again, but the things, challenges, difficulties, people around you, new opportunities, and your mindsets may appear to be very similar once again. Is it amazing? I see the end of cycle and the start of cycle as a chance of rebirth. At this moment, if you are conscious enough to see it and feel it, you should feel lucky and be prepared for the new self. That’s why Heart of Start is important, since you are always reinventing the wheel — and the wheel is what you really want to achieve in your life.

I have seen kids who dreamed about changing the world; teenagers who wanted to start their own companies; adults who don’t know what they want to achieve in their lives…They all realized their Hearts of Start in a way. The Heart of Start can be big and small, internal and external, spiritual and physical…but basically this will be the tone of life for this person. In modern society, everyone needs to go through the formal education system, and this will be about 20 years. After that, the rest of people’s lives, another 40 years? 60 years? And even 80 years? That’s the time to really see where the heart can guide the person arrives. A long long journey needs a Polaris to shine the way ahead, and the Heart of Start is the Polaris of life. It’s not as far as it looks like. It’s never like black or white — made it or not. It’s like a Möbius strip , and you are on it all the time, and you are accomplishing it every single second, again and again, to different levels.

Always remember, always review, and always reinvent the Heart of Start.

This is one way to re-perceive life, isn’t it?

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