We want to have a booth at an all-employee conference to elicit interesting organizational stories. How can we get people to the booth?

Originally answered Apr 20, 2015

Here are my thoughts.

  1. Promote your effort elsewhere in the conference — from the main podium, in posters, online, etc. Tell the participants why you would like them to participate, what you plan to do with their stories, and the benefits to them and to the organization.
  2. Develop a few questions to trigger the stories you are seeking. For example: What was the best project you every worked on? What made it successful? What roles did the team members play?
  3. Record the stories on video using a simple camera or phone to make it seem informal and to put the participants at ease.
  4. Play back the recordings on a video monitor near the booth to show others what you are doing and to help solicit new volunteers.
  5. Select one or more of the participants to be recognized and/or rewarded, and then publicize all participants and the winners.