What is the closest thing to Quora for organizational knowledge management or Quora For Enterprise?

Originally answered Jun 18, 2013

A combination of two tried-and-true tools can be used to approximate Quora:

  1. A threaded discussion where people can ask and answer questions, often as part of a community of practice or an enterprise social network (ESN). Threaded discussions have evolved from email tools such as LISTSERV and Mailman, to group tools such as LinkedIn Groups and Yahoo! Groups, to ESNs such as Yammer and Workplace by Facebook.
  2. A curated list of frequently asked questions about a topic, also known as FAQ or FAQs. Tools such as Microsoft SharePoint offer list functionality which can be used for creating, maintaining, and viewing FAQ lists.

These two tools can be used together by copying and pasting those questions and answers deemed useful or important from the threaded discussion to the FAQ list. The “mention” function of ESNs can be used to ask others to answer questions, similar to the function in Quora which allows you to ask others to answer a question.

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