Parents Ordered to Pay Up after Suing School after Student’s Death

There is nothing worse in life than the loss of a child. This loss is something that Kenneth and Jacquelyn Johnson experienced in 2013. Their 17-year-old teenager, Kendrick, was found dead inside of a rolled up gym mat at a Georgia High School. Reports indicate the death occurred when the teenager was attempting to recover a shoe that had fallen into the rolled, upright mat.

The parents reacted to the death by trying to seek answers in the form of filing a lawsuit against 39 separate defendants. This included two brothers accused of killing their son, school officials, and even law enforcement, who they blamed for trying to cover up the crime.

Lawsuit Dropped; Parents Ordered to Pay Defendants

The long investigation concluded that the brothers were not to blame for the death. As such, the Johnsons dropped their claim. The defendants’ names had been tarnished and they had been dragged through legal mud, so to speak. They asked that the judge require the couple to pay for defendants’ legal fees, including lawyers fees and court fees.

The judge agreed, holding that the lawsuit had no grounds in the first place. The couple was ordered to pay a total of $292,105, according to an article published in Fox News. Despite the order, it may be difficult for the defendants to recover the money. Both parents of the deceased child were working as drivers (truck and bus) at the time of their child’s death. However, Georgia law allows for parties involved in legal judgments such as this to seek compensation by wage garnishment.

A Tragic Situation

The story above is heartbreaking — first a couple loses their child, and now they must pay for the fees incurred by those they wrongfully accused of the death. The case highlights the importance being sure that a lawsuit has grounds before filing.

The case also highlights the plight suffered by the defendants in the case, who were forced to engage in legal proceedings for an extended amount of time, and were accused of acts that they did not commit. This surely was not only financially draining, but emotionally challenging as well. This serves as a reminder that those who are wrongfully accused, whether in civil or criminal court, may be entitled to damages for their losses. In all cases, working with a lawyer knowledgeable in the area of practice to which your case pertains is always advised.

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