Bombs Away!

Donald Trump cannot be let off the hook for the coordinated placement of apparent explosive devices in five cities against the Obamas, the Clintons, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, George Soros, John Brennan, Andrew Cuomo, and CNN. Trump is now tweeting that he will unleash the full force of the government to find and punish the perpetrators. I hope he does. But he doesn’t get a pass, because he enabled this coordinated attack, even if he didn’t plan it.

He has attacked every one of these figures in a way has functioned as a target list for a lone loon or a loon-herd who have decoded the Trump message that all these (extremely conservative) Democrats are enemies of “the people.”

Trump portrayed “Democrats” as mobs, as enemies of America enabling black and brown hordes to undo the benefits of white male supremacy. He dog-whistled to anti-Semites on the far right. He called Hillary Clinton a criminal and called for her be locked up.

If you count spouses as targets, and the child still at home with the Obamas, then the target list was five black folk and two Jews, with the Clintons, Cuomo, and Brennan included as race traitors.

He has celebrated violence from his bullshit pulpit, as Steve Bannon — the Dietrich Eckart of our era, Trump’s dema-dog-whisperer — leads Donald, a man whose power can hardly camouflage his own intellectual mediocrity, down the garden path of Bannon’s white nationalist fantasy.

And so now Trump is confronted with the challenge of his own unintended consequences, and they are his. He blessed the methods. He named the targets. He demonstrated his reluctance to call out or punish right wing violence. It’s all on him. Perhaps, if this goes south on Republicans as we approach this critical midterm election, Bannon-Trump will give his cult their next lines . . . perhaps that this is all a false flag operation by Democrats or Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

Beware! If this case gets the Kavanaugh treatment from the FBI, and if the Republicans retain their trifecta after November, then Bannon-Trump will have positioned himself to exercise official impunity, backed up by independent groups of armed white nationalists who can interpret the will of the Great Leader from tweets, giving the Great Leader plausible deniability while the terror escalates . . . and the end-game is martial law.

Right now, the obstacles have been removed in the Supreme Court, Congress, and the Executive Branch. The Great Leader may be looking over his shoulder at a menu of criminal investigations, so this is urgent for him. Win, by any means necessary.

The entire Republican Party is the captive of a large minority, the Trump Cult, which has shown it can deliver on election day, and is now being ably assisted with flagrant voter suppression efforts aimed at African America, Native America, Hispano-Latina America, and-or Democrats.

This election is no joke. There are no sidelines. The obstacles are there, and they are real, and we have to go with what we got. The only thing that will pull it off is a response so massive that it overwhelms this right wing slow motion coup d’etat.

Failing that, things become even more unthinkable.