There are several available schemes for entrepreneurs to be compensated for goods and services under a commercial agreement with the client…

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Price and payment terms of any contract, service agreement or purchase order are the most important commercial conditions. Practice shows, that each entrepreneur should think twice about offer conditions before any commitments to his clients. Sometimes it happens that the willingness to sign a contract and start works is a quite huge and entrepreneur forgets about payment and pricing details facing with low profit or cash flow issues later, as a result. In practice, I am quite surprised with…

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My last dialog with my new Instagram follower:

F: Are you Lawyer?

Me: No, I am a contract specialist!

F: What is difference?

Me: …

Such dialogs, I usually have with the persons, who are not well-aware about my expertise or my job/business features. To make it more clearly for you, I created 10 simple statements starting from the words “I can…” to describe my expertise.

I can

1. I can advise you what type of commercial relationships to choose;

2. I can help to protect your business and cover its risky areas and weak spots through the contract;

3. I can…

The following Contract Management Tips could be used by entrepreneurs to ensure, that all potential gaps in contract management work are closed…

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Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash says, “An entrepreneur is an individual who creates a new business, bearing most of the risks and enjoying most of the rewards. The entrepreneur is commonly seen as an innovator, a source of new ideas, goods, services, and business/or procedures.

Entrepreneurs play a key role in any economy, using the skills and initiative necessary to anticipate needs and bring good new ideas to the market. Entrepreneurs who prove to be successful in taking on the risks of…

Before we will start to speak about pre-award stage in details as I mentioned in my previous article “Contract management: pre-award” dated 12 February 2020, let’s try to answer on the following questions first: why contract management is so important? Who are contract managers and who is involved in contract management process?

Businesses need to manage contract agreements with other businesses. It’s not talked about much, but contract management is an important business topic. If you’re unsure of how the contract management process works, it’s important to understand the basics.

Bennett Conlin in his article “The Fundamentals of Contract Management”…

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I’m Stan, experienced professional in contracts and procurement in oil & gas.

Hi to my Readers!

Hereby I want to start to write my personal book about pre-award stage of a contracting process. Hope you will find it very interesting and useful. I will base it at my professional experience in oil and gas sector.

All information and examples which will be specified and described in this blog are only with respect to the cases, when companies wish to do business with each other and one of them wants to provide and another company to buy some goods and services.

Stan Fedorov

Contracts Expert |

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