A Fourth Reich is rising across Europe — with ties to Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin
Nafeez Ahmed

Good article! However, I disagree with you that NATO is a real and good tool for European security. I think the main goals of this organization are rather offensive than defensive.

As for Ukraine, you mentioned yourself a number of times, the other day that there had been coup in this country, which had been orchestrated by USA. Now it seems to me that you changed your stand on this and started to say something different like that Russia had been responsible for the mess going on in this country.

Talking about Crimea, it has always been Russian. However, if there had been a legal election in Ukraine and not the coup, this peninsula would still have been a part of Ukraine.

As for mess in Europe, I think USA has more interests in ruining Europe than Russia. Russia has a lot of business and trading interests with European countries and it definitely doesn’t need chaos there. It’s completely different story regarding USA, Europe is one of USA creditors with all the following consequences.

Additionally, I think refugee crisis was organized by USA in the first place.

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