What’s wrong with this picture?

The total insanity of it all. When will this crazy circus end? The Trumpenfuhrer has absolutely no tact or sense whatsoever. Yes, and he’s proven again he is dumber than a barrel of hammers insulting our nation’s most persecuted and smallest group, some representatives of the Native American U.S. community, three elderly Native Americans who just happen to be in a very special class of war heroes.

These U.S. Marines were Navajo Code Talkers during WW-II, saving an untold multitude of American and Allied lives. Navajo Code talkers created extremely difficult codes, making them virtually indecipherable. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia}

Few news accounts mentioned the names of these war heroes who visited Trump Monday, Nov. 27, in the Oval Office. Probably to the utter shock and dismay of these smiling old chaps, Andrew Jackson, the great Indian killer, was also present. In an old moldy portrait that the lunatic who inhabits 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, D.C., is particularly fond of. Yes, picture Prez #45 tweeting madly in the Oval Office, looking up occasionally at the yellowing portrait of Old Hickory, asking him, “What would Andrew Jackson do? What would a true tyrant do at a time like this. . .Let’s see now.”

I really don’t think anyone can make too big a fuss over war heroes, especially these brave Navajo Code talkers. Their names are: Fleming Begaye Sr., Thomas Begaye, and Peter MacDonald. They all served the Red, White & Blue during World War Two. Of course, what would Trump know about it all? Being a war hero is something his tiny and myopic cognizance cannot comprehend. A five-time draft dodger from the Vietnam War, this deranged lunatic, well on his way to becoming the first American dictator, hardly gives a damn about God and Country. He’s all about “The Donald” and the greenback, and it seems, even the Sickle and Hammer, and calling every progressive liberal journalist a proponent of “fake news”.

Will the Trumpenfuhrer’s obnoxious attitude never end? When Donald Trump could have shown some respect and dignity honoring these three elderly WW-II war heroes, he instead turned it into an insane dog and pony show — the dog and pony being none other than this incorrigible blowhard and attention seeker, Donald J. Trump! (Photo courtesy of Colorlines)

A group of three true war heroes, all in their 90’s and traveling a great distance to visit the White House in what they believed was going to be an event honoring them, were more or less sloughed off by The Great Leader of the Orange Race. These elderly Navajo men hold a very high place in the Navajo Nation and really, among all Native American tribes. There are very few of these very special war vets still alive, with most having died off.

In all fairness, Trump did say of the code talkers who paid him a visit, “You’re very special,” or something of the like.

Native Code Talkers were bilingual — speaking English and the Navajo language, and sometimes even more. They were recruited primarily by the U.S. Marine Corps, pulling from Native languages to totally confound enemy intelligence with their hard-to-decipher-and-break codes. They saved so many lives during both world wars it is unbelievable. There were a total of between 400–500 of these highly sophisticated soldiers, all American Indians and dedicated to God, Country, and their tribe, that saved thousands of our boys’ lives during both world wars. During WW-I, Cherokee and Choctaw code talkers were primarily recruited and put to work with their semantic skills.

So what’s wrong with this picture? Ushering these elderly, frail, war heroes into the Oval Office, situating them right in front of Trump’s favorite portrait of his favorite U.S. President, Andrew Jackson, and then arrogantly saying that although he liked these old men and even though Natives were here long before all other ethnic groups, there was one in the U.S. Senate, Elizabeth Warren, who has also been around a long time. Of course, Trump had to call the Massachusetts political dynamo “Pocahontas” yet again. Warren claims her family lineage has some degree of Native American blood. Nobody knows her family history like she does, after all. Other members of her family, some of her siblings, even say that they have a family lineage of having Cherokee and Delaware Indian blood, so who am I going to believe? Am I to believe a very intelligent woman, a well-respected attorney, and a proven stateswoman — hardly a blowhard or an insane lunatic — or instead, am I to buy into the snake oil vitriol of a blowhard and an deranged lunatic? A madman who claims someone photoshopped him into the Billy Bush video? The infamous “sex talk on the bus” ordeal that should have seen his entire batshit-crazy campaign go down in flames?

Even if Elizabeth Warren isn’t a Native, what does it matter? Most Natives I know have a mindset a lot more in line with Elizabeth than the Trumpenfuhrer, and the multitude of wannabe Indians can fill an ocean of humanity. Everyone, it seems, is part Native these days. But for the last real Indians, the reservation Natives, that ridiculous assertion of being 1/34th Lakota or Arapaho or Apache just isn’t going to fly.

Although I have never been a big fan of Twitter, and more or less abhor this social media giant since Trump has made it his own, I was impressed by three tweets put to Twitter right after Trump’s debacle with the Navajo code talkers. A talented young journalist, and a fearless one at that, socked our White Supremist Pig of a President right in the hypothetical gonads for his little stunt. Her name is Ruth Hopkins and she does a lot of writing for two leading Native American publications, IndianCountryToday Media Network and Last Real Indians. Ms. Hopkins is a journalist’s journalist, and was right there in the trenches reporting on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests, which involved the largest peaceful protest of Native Americans in world history. By the time the near year-long fight was over, every American Indian tribe in the USA and Canada had members of their tribes in attendance near Cannonball, N.D., where this pipeline was to trek across the Missouri River, or right at the official campgrounds, the Sacred Stones Encampment. In a nutshell, President Obama nixed the pipeline’s crossing the Missouri River, but in his first days in office, Trump signed an executive order to steamroll that oil-pumping vampire right under this river, a major water source for the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, other American tribes, and for cities, towns, households, and businesses all along the Missouri River.

So now I will share with you the three tweets Ruth Hopkins posted Monday, Nov. 27. Yes, this young woman stood up to the stupidity, arrogance, and utter crassness of Trump just like her ancestors stood up to the U.S. Army’s 7th Calvary on The Greasy. I am sure Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull, and Red Cloud are smiling down at Ruth in benevolence and love. Without any further fanfare, here goes -

Ruth Hopkins first tweet: Pocahontas was a pre-teen who was kidnapped, held hostage & raped by European invaders. Stop using her name as a racial slur & how dare you insult these brave Navajo men who risked their lives for this country.

Ruth Hopkins second tweet: Not to mention, these men are Navajo (Dine) and Pocahontas was from the Pamunkey tribe. Two entirely different Native nations.

Ruth Hopkins third tweet: By the way, Trump is insulting these veterans in front of a portrait of Andrew Jackson, who was responsible for the deaths of thousands of Natives by way of the Indian Removal Act & the Trail of Tears. He & his men made horse reigns from Native skins.

Thank you, Ruth Hopkins, for tweeting these three messages. Trump’s actions and words are uncalled for and completely out of line — the racial slur, using the visit of these three great men as a catalyst to attack Elizabeth Warren, and let’s not to leave out the fact that Trumpenstein denigrated a historical figure who was but a victim of kidnapping and rape. Pocahontas is loved, or her spirit is loved, among not only Native Americans, but all Americans.

Sensitive readers hardly need to be Native to be outraged about Trump’s insensitivity, callousness, arrogance, and utter disregard for having any aplomb in holding the great office that he stole. This man has no brains. He has no class. Just because he’s a billionaire, or thinks he is, anyhow, doesn’t mean he can buy class. He is always bending toward appeasing his White Supremacist protectors and loyal. Most of all, he needs to be impeached. Is blue your favorite color? It better be, or you’ll be seeing a lot of red flags all over the USA in the not-so-distant future, with sickles & hammers on them.

Another true war hero, U.S. Sen. John McCain of Arizona, said, “Our nation owes a great deal of gratitude to the Navajo Code Talkers, whose, bravery, skill, & tenacity helped secure our victory over tyranny & oppression during WWII,” McCain is quoted as saying UPROXX. “Politicizing these genuine American heroes is an insult to their sacrifice.” And although McCain is no hero at all to many Native Americans, for what he did sticking that hideous Apache land swap into the federal budget a few years ago, some of the more magnanimous and forgiving walking the Red Road daily, Apaches included, may cut him some slack for being a tireless fighter for good and fair government in the dark days of this Trumpensteinian monster.

In all fairness, the senior senator from Arizona did not act alone in this crooked card game of legislative bastardization, he had plenty of others helping him, including the junior senator of Arizona. I’m not going to go back and give you a history lesson, though — read about it yourself and judge. It’s a crying shame that so many of the lands owned by Native American nations, tribes, and bands have fallen prey to the one who takes the best meat, the dominant culture that will not relinquish control over a relatively poor race, a race that only makes up about 1% of America. It’s no wonder why the last real Indians among the seven Lakota tribes that make up this nation of high plains Natives refer to non-Indigenous people as “the one who takes the best meat” — one of the translations of the Lakota name, Wasichu.

Native Americans — for the most part — are not very big on fanfare and a lot of hoopla. I am blessed to have gotten to know quite a few of the “last real Indians” on social media and believe me, most tend to shy away from being the center of attention. Virtually all my friends are very humble people and my Dine friends are some of the most diffident, meek, spiritual, and wonderful social media acquaintances I have been blessed to get to know. I don’t have a great number of Navajo friends, but feel that I can make this statement about those I’ve gotten to understand and love throughout the years. They’ve taught me a lot, especially dealing with life in modern American society. Most of my social media friends, by the way, happen to be Lakota Natives. That’s why it’s heartbreaking when the big national news event Monday was turning on the national news and seeing these three wonderful elderly men — who made a long trip to their nation’s capital — to suffer insult, the uncomfortable buffoonery, a laughable attempt at commendation, and even hate-filled vitriol and abuse from something that always must be the center of attention. King Baby himself — Donald J. Trump.
Navajo Nation President Russell Bagaye said that although he appreciated the honor that was bestowed on the three distinguished elders of the Navajo Nation that “all tribal nations still battle insensitive references to our people. . .The prejudice that Native American people face is an unfortunate historical legacy. As Native Americans, we are proud people who have taken care of this land long before the United States of America and will continue to fight for this nation.”

Thanks again, Ruth Hopkins, for carrying the torch of the First Amendment. These days, there isn’t a lot of money in journalism and there’s not even much respect nor is there anything even approaching gratitude or praise. You are a stellar example of a brave journalist who will even risk life and limb to get the big story. And thanks again, Fleming Begaye Sr., Thomas Begaye, and Peter MacDonald, for making that long trip to Washington to be honored. Thanks guys, for your patriotism, service, and prowess at creating extremely hard-to- crack codes. The majority of this nation loves and admires you guys. You’re the best!