Graphic design meets photography
Eman Alshawaf

For this project I decided to mix illustration, and photography together using photoshop. The past month of my life has consisted of me drawing a variety of different things each day, and my favorite one was the fairy. In fairytales, fairies typically fly around going unnoticed by the general public as they cast spells on whatever they deem suitable for a spell. I wanted to show this in my project. Each image shows a fairy “caught in the act.” To achieve this, I edited a digital file of a fairies into my images on photoshop. I included a border in my final prints to push the idea of it being a snapshot, as if the view just saw it and went to go get a small print as soon as possible. I limited myself to only using three of the colored fairies because they worked best in the settings I shot, and it helped unify the pieces.