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Stan Lee writing the informal script of Floreo Agrotech Sdn. Bhd.

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To create a community-based, sustainable, environmentally conscious, chemical-free farm


The original concept of the blog was meant to be a conversation between the company and the rest of the world. I found, after the first post, that the best way I can inspire others was not through the ‘company voice’ but through my own. I hope that it proves to be more effective and that this post will open your eyes to the true value of this project. — Stan



Active Rows 1 & 2 are full for the first time

Each plant in the greenhouse was individually handled. They were sprouted, sorted and then transplanted into the greenhouse to ensure the highest quality possible.

This was a big moment for us; it was the first time the greenhouse (the two working rows) was filled. It took blood, sweat and tears to get there but we made it.


Twenty more grow beds arrive

Once this becomes active, the greenhouse will be considered 66% utilized. The growbeds are a promise of more work to come but more importantly, they represent progress.

As we move forward, it becomes harder to take the next step but nevertheless, we are relentless to reach our goals.


System has been improved and fish have grown

Our system was considered ‘good’ to begin with, however, even ‘good’ can be made better. We implemented a number of improvements that have made the living conditions of the fish better. The results have been positive thus far; the fish have grown and are extremely lively.


An essential part of the project is to get the local community involved.

Mint Harvest

This was our first mint harvest. Shwu Fang, a senior and a local volunteer was kind enough to help me sort out the mint (which she planted a few months back) while Kai Yee (in the background) worked on the fish system.

At the company, we have always prioritized the community. We believe that the people in the immediate environment come first. Having Shwu Fang, an eager, enthusiastic and cheerful volunteer has been a huge encouragement for us.

Working with the locals in a synergistic manner is our method of showing that we care. We believe in action, not claims.

Here are some of our community projects that you can get involved in:

Wheelchair and Senior Safety (requires funding)

Everything on the farm was designed to be wheelchair and senior friendly. The farm was designed to aid the financially insecure seniors and less able individuals. They will be given the opportunity to have simple, rewarding and meaningful work in exchange for financial security.

The idea was to make the farm not only a place of residence and work for the individuals but also a place of comfort, belonging, and security. Funding for this would be used to create safe pathways for wheelchair bound individuals and senior citizens.

Marketplace (requires funding; aim is to be complete and open by March)

The marketplace is another outlet towards the community. We want to create a place where people can celebrate life. The Marketplace will be a lively weekend market where locals can access fresh produce from us as well as other trusted vendors. We hope to create a place where people can relax and do some grocery shopping.


Some crops that we have in circulation and are available to order :

Please note that the pictures are the young plants. They have not fully grown or matured yet. Orders will be fulfilled with fully grown and matured plants.

Hong Kong Kai Lan

We have baby and regular Kai Lan depending on when your order is placed.


  • They will be ready before Chinese New Year ( Late Jan. — Early Feb. )

Rome Lettuce

We have regular and baby Rome lettuce


  • They will be ready before Chinese New Year ( Late Jan. — Early Feb. )

Ruby Red Lettuce

We have baby and regular Ruby Red lettuce


  • They will be ready before Chinese New Year ( Late Jan. — Early Feb. )

Thai Basil

We only provide one form of Thai Basil.



Mustard Head ( Kuah Chai )

Mustard Head (Kuah Chai)

The hole in the leaf is our assurance that the plants are 100% chemical and pesticide free.

We have only regular Mustard Head


  • They will be ready around Chinese New Year (Feb. 15)

Chives ( Ku Chai )

The progress of the chives have been unpredictable.


  • Uncertain (could be before or after Chinese New Year)

How to support us:

For our dear family and friends, we are offering an assortment of leafy greens delivered to your home on a weekly basis.

The veggies will be delivered in an ice-filled styrofoam box. However, the styrofoam box serves as only a temporary solution. It is best to refrigerate the vegetables with the roots on for longer shelf life.

We will exchange the ice box and the cups on the next delivery date. Cups are advised to be kept inside the styrofoam box. In an effort to protect the environment and reduce waste, every 10 cups ( like the ones shown below) will enable a 1RM discount on the next delivery bill.

Storage, Delivery & Consumption

  1. Receive styrofoam box containing leafy greens and ice
  2. Move leafy greens to refrigerator for longer shelf life
  3. Pour away leftover ice from the styrofoam box
  4. Wash the plant and remove the roots when ready to consume
  5. Put cup/net pot (shown below) back into the styrofoam box
  6. Wait for the next delivery and perform exchange
Cup/Net Pot

Next harvest (Feb. 15 / Chinese New Year)

For the next harvest (around Feb. 15/Chinese New Year), we have planted these vegetables:

  • Butterhead Lettuce
  • Looseleaf Lettuce
  • Ruby Lettuce (not to be confused with Ruby Red — The core is greener but the tips remain red)
  • Garland Chrysanthemum (Tang Oh)
  • Chinese Celery
  • Coriander

Last Words:

All we want at Floreo Agrotech is to enable you, the consumer, to make healthier decisions that don’t come at the cost of the environment!

We want to empower you with information and let you, the consumer, make the choice.

We choice Aquaponics because we want to produce the highest quality products, free of pesticides and artificial nutrients, in an environmentally conscious way.

At our company, we prioritize the community, the environment and people. There is nothing more we want than to help individuals achieve healthier lifestyles, conserve the environment and improve standards of living.

We’re an honest company. We try to be as transparent as possible; if you ever want to see how we do what we do, just call us up and book a visit! You’ll get to see how we live, breathe and eat Aquaponics. ☺ — Stan Lee Tan.

Contact Information

Whether it is for orders, a tour or any sort of inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Stan : +60164153929

Kai Yee : +60175239689

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