How To Fight Fascism
Mike Monteiro

Such unwarranted panic ! Donald Trump was elected by the American People not Russians or terrorists, the American People. The Democrats were wanting to defeat him. The leaders of the Republican party did not want him. Many Republican leaders disavowed and did not vote for him.Trump did not elect himself, he just ran for office along with 16 other candidates, many of them accomplished politicians and several non-politicians. Trump was selected from that pack by the American public and sent to the White House. In doing so the people defeated both the Democrat and the Republican parties. It was an election by the people, for the people, a New American Revolution, in which enough people were fed up with “business as usual” in Washington to get the job done. The American Experiment is alive and well and functioning just as the Founding Fathers designed it to function. When the people don’t like the direction and management of government they can change it with their votes, and did. Old line politicians had better pay attention to this election and get in touch with the electorate or they will be voted out also. Trump’s proposal for term limits for members of congress would be a great change for the American Experiment. Relax. We are all going to be OK. Trump is just President, not the whole government. If he get’s too far out of line he can be brought down just like Nixon or Geo. Bush the Elder, one term only.

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