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Please investigate the FOIA lawsuit of Brian David Hill v. Executive Office for U.S. Attorneys and U.S. Department of Justice. (Case # 4:17-cv-27, Western District of Virginia) Corrupt U.S. Magistrate Judge Robert Stewart Ballou denied the Plaintiff a right to a hearing in court, Plaintiff presented evidence that the EOUSA has changed their story and outright lied about Plaintiff claiming that he was a federal inmate while his fax to the EOUSA FOIA unit shows that Plaintiff wasn’t a federal prisoner at the time of the FOIA request and not now. U.S. Attorney office of Greensboro, NC engaging in spoliation of evidence, purging evidence that would exonerate Brian David Hill of USWGO Alternative News as actually innocent of his criminal charge. This is total obstruction of justice. The corrupt Judge refused to look at any evidence the Plaintiff had presented, falsely or erroneously claimed that Brian’s subpoenas were irrelevant, and then granted the Government’s motion to quash all discovery request including his relevant interrogatories. The Judge refused to even look at Plaintiff’s discovery request letter and interrogatories right before quashing them, even though Plaintiff filed with the Judge that he was willing to show the Judge a copy of his interrogatories sent to the U.S. Attorney and they refused to answer any question even if they are relevant to his FOIA claim of cover up of evidence that can prove Brian actually innocent and prove that he gave a false confession. Please help Brian!!!

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