Free Speech and Hate Speech
Yonatan Zunger

That is quite a way to dress up Herbert Marcuse’s “Illiberal Liberalism.” At the time Marcuse, a communist from Germany I might add, was reduced to admitting that in a free marketplace of ideas and speech Communism and it’s brethren (Nazism and Progressivism) lose every time because the ideas of the American founders rest upon a superior ground of reason than those of Marx and kindred philosophers. He began the process of attributing the loss to some amorphous asymmetry caused by a “conservative” power structure and we now see the fruits of emotional argumentation built upon the sand he used for a foundation.

Before writing his seminal essay he labelled Fascism and Nazism both as extreme right-wing- political systems at the order of one Joseph Stalin and set up the fallacious discourse we see today using the abuse by those left-wing ideologies’ human abuses to label American Conservatism (liberalism of the founders) as hate through the fallacy of false equivalence. Now that Communists have gained complete dominance of our educational system they have set themselves up as the arbiters of truth and allow no contradiction of what they teach. And now we have the situation we see today where it is now become fashionable to think that there is nothing wrong with suppressing nebulous “hate speech” and suppress it rigorously.

The notion of hate speech is nebulous is because it has no definition much like the old Senator’s definition of pornography (I can’t tell you, but I know it when I see it) and is in the eye of the beholder as long as he or she is a member of the new dominating power structure of academia and political discourse. It now goes so far as to include so-called “microaggressions” which are impossible to anticipate until the new holder of cultural powers screams with a horrid contempt that one is guilty. The remedy, of course, is the same, call it hate speech and ban it with all the zeal we see in ISIS.

The real remedy is to shine the light of reason on the Communist/Progressive combine now dominating education and the political/cultural establishment and tear the mask off this ideology of slavery and oppression which masquerades as one of freedom from oppression so it can burn to nothing like the vampires of old in the light of truth. That’s because that is what it is, a beautiful mask at the ball with a smooth and seductive voice behind which hides the ugly face of the old, and shriveled up philosopher named Plato.

Beneficent dictator, dictator of the proletariat, enlightened rulership, call it what you like, but it is all the same, cruel and oppressive dictatorship, period. The dustbin of history is already littered with the wrecks of governments built upon its foundations such as the Jacobin French, Soviet Union, and the Eastern block nations and peoples are still suffering the consequences of its embrace such as the people of Venezuela who are starving in the streets, China, and others. Yet, like a bad penny, the idea that it rests upon, that we, the people, are the property of the state instead of the other way around and should bow down like weak peasants and do as commands us refuses to go away despite the successes of the truly radically left-wing Idea that the state is the property and servant of the people and must do as they say.

Recognize the article for the propaganda it is and instead of weakly falling back stand with yur feet firmly planted and say “No More!” That was what our founders did, however imperfect they were and if we want to keep the precious gift of freedom they bequeathed us it is what we must do as well.

My best to all.

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