How the OpenSource model can work for InnerSource too!

The prevalence of OpenSource software is undeniable. If a software developer tells us that he/she has never do anything involving OpenSource Software (OSS), we’re probably looking at a time traveler from when the Internet didn’t exist!

A thought and food experiment from a neutral environmentalist

I have never been a fan of vegan food no matter how much information I read, heard, absorbed via social media, or from friends on how vegan products is a more efficient method of converting energy from sunlight for humans. I’m aware of global warming and generally concerned about it. I would not use straws and would bring my own bags to the supermarket, however, completely leaving meat out of my meals and stopping myself from enjoying non-vegan food is something that I’m just not ready to give up.

So the folks at Impossible™ made “meat” from plants so that…

Because who doesn’t want good boys to show up whenever they push?

The long awaited GitHub Action feature is finally out of beta and ready to be present in every repositories. GitHub even organized a Hackathon through out March to encourage folks to create more awesome and useful actions. While browsing through the submissions, I found a cool GitHub Action that posts cat gifs on pull requests. Shout out to Ruairidh with his cool idea 👏👏👏.

It’ll only do justice to dogs if there’s an action that deliver them good boys to our PRs. That moment I knew exactly what my next Github Action project would be. Time to get to work.

A quick guide to switching DNS servers settings to tackle nameserver blocking & corporate proxy

cover image
cover image


Most of us, at some point in our lives, have used at least a custom DNS server configurations for our computers. Be it for avoiding censorship, faster browsing, security, or bypassing the content restriction, we’ve all tried setting our DNS servers to some public DNS servers like one from Google (remember and I myself is also no exception as I have been using for privacy and speed. Unfortunately, having custom DNS nameservers also comes with some setbacks for someone who uses their computer all the time in all the different places. …

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