Things to Know Before You Go for a Brand New Tyre Purchase

Your tyres are the only part of your car that stays in a constant contact with the ground. Most of us don’t pay much heed to them until the day they fail.

Hence, it’s more advisable to check on them from time to ensure that they stay in a flawless working condition. If you notice any issue with them, you better opt for a new one as soon as possible unless funds become a problem for you.

There are a few things that you should know before you go ahead with a brand new tyre purchase. We have listed a few of them serially below for your reference. Let’s go through them without further ado.

1. Make sure of the fact that you DO require a change of tyres

The first and the foremost thing to do is to confirm whether you do require a change of tyres or not. A quick visual inspection should be enough to do the job for you.

The red flags are:

· Cracked sidewalls.

· Too much tread wear.

· Too much discoloration.

· Too bulging at a particular spot.

If you notice any one of the aforementioned symptoms in your vehicle tyres, walk into any tyre centre in Andover for a brand new tyre purchase with your eyes closed.

2. Choose the right tire size

One of the major mistakes that consumers make while going for a brand new tyre purchase is to go for a size that doesn’t suit his/her vehicle.

You’ll usually find a code at the side of your tyre which will be able to inform you of its size and capabilities. Here’s a sample for your reference:

Source- Wikimedia commons

According to the image depicted above,

Code: P215/65R15 95H M+S

So what do these symbols signify? Take a peek.

P: The type of the tyre.

215: Signifies the width of the tyre tread (represented in millimeters)

65: Aspect ratio of the tyre sidewall in comparison to its width.

R: Radial construction.

15: It’s the diameter of the rim (represented in inches).

95: The load rating of the tyre.

H: Speed rating of the tyre.

M+S: All-season driving suitability confirmed.

Note down the symbol of your tyre and then buy one that exhibits the same. Such a thing will signify that you have got the right size for sure.

3. Get your spare checked

Going for a tyre replacement also gives you an opportunity to check on your spare. This is a great time to have your spare checked and replaced (if necessary).

Use the “type code deciphering” technique mentioned above to find out the appropriate size of your spare and get yourself a replacement from the same tyre centre itself. You may also consult any professional in the centre to help you out in this job of yours.

4. You may also get your tyres online

If you want to save yourself a considerable amount of money in the process, you may consider going for an online tyre purchase. Most major tyre retailers provide their customers with an option to buy online without any hassle. The shipping part is handled by the retailer himself/herself. So it’s definitely convenient indeed. And if you want, you can definitely go for it.

But there’s a catch involved in the process.

Remember, your new tyre needs to be mounted on your rims, needs to balanced and then installed on your vehicle. It’s a whole lot of work. Your online purchase won’t do all such things on your behalf. You’ll have to do all these things yourself or arrange for somebody who can. So if you are comfortable with that, you can go ahead with an online purchase with your eyes closed.

5. Last but not the least, maintain them carefully

You need to check your tyre inflation on a regular basis. Over-inflation and under-inflation may hurt your tyres badly for the umpteenth time yet again.

Remember, you have just spent a whole lot of money on a brand new tyre. You should naturally strive hard to maintain the same to get benefited in the long run.

So that’s it then. Hope these tips come in handy for your purpose. With that, we’ll sign off finally for the day. Hope you had a great read.

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