Five Benefits of Renting Portable Toilets for an Outdoor Event

Imagine that there is a need to plan a large scale event. The weather is just right for the occasion, neither too hot nor too cold and there’s no sign of rain. And an outdoor event is decided upon as the best option.

Outdoor events make for a wonderful party, but they are no mean tasks to plan out. The organizers need to think through everything, from the lighting to the decoration to the sound system, the food, the seating arrangement. In short: everything.

Outdoor event sites are usually well equipped with the basic infrastructure to ensure that the event goes on comfortably. But what if the event is for over two hundred people and there are just two toilets available for use? What a nightmare for the organizer!

To avoid this horrible situation, there is one very easy solution: portable toilet rentals Easy to set up and economical enough to easily fit in any event budget, portable toilet rentals are nothing short of friends of the organizer whose event could be in jeopardy without them.

Here are the five benefits of portable toilet rentals for your next big event:

1. Minimizing restroom wait times

After all, how bad would it look if the guests are in line for the toilet rather than attending the main event itself?

2. Less mess in the on-site indoor restrooms

The indoor restrooms can quickly turn into a nightmare if overused beyond a point. Dividing the use of toilets between the on-site and portable toilets keeps the post- event cleaning work to a minimum.

3. Convenience of use

Aside from missing out on the event itself, it is also a nuisance for guests to remain in line for hours due to unavailability of restrooms. Portable toilet rentals ensure that guests can conveniently use restrooms without wasting time.

4. They don’t take up much space

Portable toilets don’t take up much space and are ideal for outdoor event sites. Particularly kept away from the cooking and seating area, they can be placed a short distance off from the main event, spelling convenience as well as comfort.
5. Reduce number of guests indoors

Indoor washrooms would mean that a large number of unnecessary footprints and toilet paper waste would find its way into the main building. It is easier to keep the washroom area a little way off from the indoor area to minimize the need to clean up indoors as well.
Moreover, if the food distribution is taking place from within the building kitchens, it is best to keep the area cordoned off from the guests, as there might be unnecessary clashes and confusion.

Event Factory Rentals offers portable toilet rentals of different types for different needs, including the following:

• Standard Units
• Deluxe Unit
• ADA Handicap Unit
• VIP Unit
• Hand Wash Station
• 3 Hole Hot and Cold Sinks

Diverse in fulfilling requirements and sure to offer exemplary quality of service, Event Factory Rentals is the company to call to make sure every outdoor event is a success.

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