Why We Must Increase the Block Size and Why I Support Bitcoin Unlimited

This is extremely misguided and misinformed. Segwit is a much needed springboard to further scalability work. Bumping the size to 2MB really isn’t much better than to 1.7MB, but it doesn’t come with any of the benefits of segwit (malleability fixes, sighash complexity reduction, input value commitment, script versioning, signatures pruning, etc) and however comes with the much greater risk of a hard fork.

You really shouldn’t listen to a vocal group of incompetent developers that are looking for the glory of actually running Bitcoin without the necessary skills in cryptography and distributed systems.

Bitcoin Core actually cares a lot about miners, since they don’t want the orphan rate to go up, as that would make a lot of pools go bankrupt.

Please reconsider your decision on the basis of facts, not ideology.

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