Take Me Back to 1992

I love the nineties, For me it was a time of having too much free time on my hands. I remember spending entire days just sitting in the grass with friends, listening to Soundgarden, smoking cigarettes, telling stories, and just hanging out, no cell phones buzzing, no google calendar alerts..just spur of the moment plans, hanging out at coffee houses (not Starbucks!). Some of us played in bands, the rest of us watched, usually on open mic night. At home we watched the Simpsons, read books on anarchy, tinkered with vespa scooters, nothing “productive”.

Fast forward to 2015. The idea of sitting around doing nothing is unfathomable. I’m an adult, with adult responsibilities..whoooh! It’s 11pm and I still have a few items on my todo list, but my wifi is dropping and my todoist app isn’t syncing. All I really wanted to do before bed is to finally buy the weighted workout vest I’ve been tracking on Amazon. 5 star review! But I guess I’ll just wait until tomorrow. I really should get some sleep, but there’s a notification on my phone..ahh a response to my Reddit post.