Why Men Drink
John DeVore

Medium has divulged itself to be an entirely anti-alcohol, temperance publication, DeVore being one example. In an era when substances are ever-more freely available, and it is considered a la mode to favor marijuana legalization and decriminalization of all drugs (policies that I support) this consistently prohibitionist mentality is distracting, wrongheaded, and distasteful. Medium and its readers may not know this, but people toast weddings with alcohol, people enjoy long conversations around dinner drinking wine, the Jewish circumcision ceremony begins with placing a drop of wine on the infants lips and blessing the Lord for providing wine, men and women go to bars to have a beer after group activities (including those involving exercise), and people very often celebrate memorial occasions (including deaths) by imbibing. This is quite an old tradition (fermentation has been found to have occurred at every single early site of civilization), one that shows no sign of disappearing, and Medium is in danger of making itself irrelevant through its consistently “don’t touch this substance” ethos.

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