Faux vs. Authentic Paneling

According to the research, the decision you made is not your first or last decision. It means that if you made a decision regarding renovation project then it doesn’t mean this is your first decision for completing a renovation process. Many decisions will be made and many questions rise up throughout the entire experience. As questions asked (what material will be used).Basically, decisions and choices are based on prices nowadays and decision is the toughest thing to be made for people. You may break the bank if you don’t try and to fix with your budget.

People choosing bricks, stone, or wood for projects like kitchen splashes, unique accent walls and exterior home siding. While choosing from above mentioned items, you have another option such as faux material or authentic paneling.

Here are some benefits of faux wall paneling.

Formation and Cost

The cost of a faux wall paneling is cheaper than the cost of bricks, stones and wood. Faux wall panels is made up of polyurethane material. The polyurethane is a synthetic material. Faux walls includes faux stones, faux wood and faux bricks. By using material named polyurethane, faux wall paneling performs from straight accurate stone, bricks and wood. Faux wall panels are rigid in shape and flexible to move. They looks like comfort in eyes but not. Polyurethane material is impervious to moisture which helps to mold a faux walls. Faux wall paneling are affordable in price. The resemblance of faux wall paneling is strange when they dried once and painted.


Faux wall paneling is of good quality and it is made for long time. Faux wall panels is made up of polyurethane material and polyurethane is a closed cell material, means that it is resistant to moisture. Faux wall paneling is resistant to mold, mildew and rot. Faux wall paneling is easy to clean and fire resistant panels available. No any chemical is used to clean it. Faux wall paneling used inside or outside. It can be used for kitchen back splashes, bricks, accent walls, wine cellars and much more. Faux wall paneling creates a texture and it looks good. Faux wall paneling is suitable for any weather. Actually, they can resist ultra-violet radiations.

Ease of Installation

Faux wall paneling is easy to install. They are manufactured in shape of sheets. It may be installed by your own. For authentic bricks, stones or wood you will higher contractor to install. You have to pay to your contractor for expensive material’s installation. Usually wood, bricks and stone takes time to install. On the other hand, faux wall paneling can be installed in an evening. It is just because of light weight and the material is made of polyurethane material. The things needed for installing is a glue, caulking and standard tools. Typically, faux wall paneling takes only several hours to complete. They don’t take much time.


The faux wall paneling looks like real or authentic stone, bricks and wood. For looking same, you don’t need to purchase authentic material. Anywhere you want to covers the surface, just apply and past the faux wall paneling and it looks same. You can use faux paneling anywhere in your house like kitchen back splashes, bathrooms shower/baths, accent walls, man caves and wine cellars. Faux wall paneling is attractive stuff. The opportunities are infinite for it.


Faux wall paneling is durable and is made for long-term. It is rigid or flexible. Faux wall paneling can be used indoors and outdoors. It is water resistant and bear all type of weather. They are resistant to mold, mildew and rot.