What is the corpses of the Star Citizen game

Many players who play Star Citizen games should have a problem recently — “What is the corpses of the Star Citizen Game?” Today I want to tell you about my understanding and hope to help you.

Derelicts spaceships induce spaceman corpses. In most cases, however. I was wondering what are CIG’s plans for them.

In fact, there is three cases :

1.Civilians corpses

2.UEE personal corpses

3.Pirates corpses

Civilians corpses context :

The ARS Iron Pride, a Reclaimer-class salvage ship, wandering in a debris field around a gas giant for couple of hours. Suddenly, in the light of its floodlights, the wreck of a Constellation Aquila appears. Despite the ship look old, the wreck is in good condition. Except the part where the reactor is located that looks blackened, burnt and melted.

Looks like a catastrophic reactor failure. Hadaria, Rémi, get your EVA suits and don’t forget yours A-Rad injectors. XO, on the Claw, secure that wreck. Zess, prepare the ADN recognizer and at least four corpse bags.

Seriously though it would be pretty cool to find a wreck for salvaging and discover there’d been a fire fight on board and you start scanning the stiffs and find a few are criminals with death bounties so now you can salvage the ship AND get a sweet bonus pay day from criminal corpses.

What if a dangerous space-born fungus settled onto the wreck, feeding off the freeze-dried flesh of the dead crew. Slowly drifting through space, idly spinning and catching a few scant rays of star shine every dozen or so days — stockpiling energy and slowly producing more spore packets to eventually surrender to the solar winds once again.

Until a shuddering groan rumbles through the derelict hull. The mycelium ripples in the vacuum easily detecting the direction of something new. A tingle of excitement passes over the fungus as it’s primitive collective “brain net” realizes the possibility and starts to reallocate that saved energy from spore packets into more active means of spreading its seed. As then footsteps grow closer and the sharp bursts of radio frequency transmissions grow stronger, the long dead tissues of the helpless and hapless crew twitch and swell briefly before settling down to wait.

also having to clear bodies before salvaging… because of this i suspect something else would happen with corpses besides being turned into their base materials and bloodying up your machinery… but maybe it would… i just know CIG would lean twards not gruesome, and grinding up bodies is pretty gruesome. id personally want this to be in… in whatever fashion it could be managed and not being gruesome.

PC and NPC corpses and what will happen to them after a player has created them (by killing players and NPCs). But this is a much cooler idea. Obviously, corpses as interactive objects, even narrative objects is really cool. And it could also bring about a lot of emergent gameplay. If a nefarious player has raided an NPC cargoliner, and another player finds it some months later, it could be super cool if that latter player could (using clues like the ship’s computer) discover which player did the raiding and turn them in or hunt them down.

Not knowing much about permanent death is very difficult to speculate about how the whole thing is going to work. I mean keeping dead NPC on the game is like a persistence. But if I die in a battle, but the character is not permadead yet, I just respaw in the closest endeavor, and what happens to the body how it gets from the battle site to the endeavor?