Daily NFT/Crypto Market Update 9/29/2022


Following all of the ups and downs we have seen recently in the market, we got a nice break as crypto mainly consolidated. $BTC still hovers around the 19.5k mark while $ETH is a little over 1.3k. NFTs were a little more alive with some successful degen plays and decent profit made throughout the day. We could start seeing some more activity if crypto remains low movement.

— -

Degen/free mint of the day: CORNTOWNWTF

Corntown wtf is a 10k collection that went ballistic today in terms of the number of sales it had. Seeing over 9000 on the day, this was able to bring the floor to over 0.03, however, it has since dropped to 0.02 ETH. This is a derivative of goblintown and is basically corn with goblintown-esque art. There is a roadmap that includes some sort of staking and harvesting, but this is degen so invest accordingly.

QQL by Tyler Hobbs

QQL is a mint that happened yesterday that was jaw dropping. Selling out each NFT with a final mint price of 14 ETH, this raked in around 17 million dollars. QQL had an interactive minting experience where users could use the QQL algorithm to create their own NFT. Not to mention the co-founder is Tyler Hobbs, a very famous artist and the creator of Fidenza. The current floor is 20 ETH, and this just proves that we are still bullish on the space.


This is the second collection of The Littles and it saw good volume with over 3000 sales on secondary. While the floor has struggled to rise above 0.01 ETH, this was an interesting play. The Little Frens give access to the 1-UP Arcade, a functional virtual world where you can buy tickets to play games and win prizes. While this does cost money to play in the arcade, its somewhat bullish that they have put out a functional, working game.

— -


With things like the QQL mint and the recent 4.5 million dollar CryptoPunk sale, there has been some renewed optimism in the NFT market. If people are willing to pay these kinds of amounts in the bear market, we should be bullish on what will happen once the economy recovers and finally enters a bull market. While this could be a long time away, these are still good signs for those of us still here. Thanks for reading and have a great day Kings! Follow my twitter if you enjoyed! https://twitter.com/starclaw59



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