My intern experience at

Hello everyone!I am a student of the Department of Information Science and Technology at CEG .Our end-semester holidays started and we were informed by our hod ma’am about the test that was organised by Mr.Sesha Krishnan to take up an intern at his company test was for about an hour and we had 25 questions from various topics like Data structures,Algorithms and Dbms.I was informed after the test that I was one of the six candidates who was selected from this test.This is my first intern experience ever.It was a work-from home type of intern for two months.At first we were divided into two teams Front-end/Back-end based on our preferences.I was a part of the front-end team.Each team was assigned a task that we had to complete within a certain date.After the completion of our first task ,we were assigned a task in which we tried to integrate a notes-taking feature in his website.

What I learned from this intern?

Not everything is always known already.But once you start learning,you can definitely achieve what you want .
I learned how to work as a team.Everyone in your team will have different ideas.You will have to choose what is feasible and what is best for your project.
Not everything you want to do will happen quickly.You have to patiently look into your errors and find a way to solve them.
I also learnt new things about various front end and back end languages.
Overall ,I had a wonderful experience taking up this intern.