I want to sink into your ocean.

“I want to sink into your ocean.”

I only talked to you once. Once in a lifetime, it was long enough to be remembered. Once in a lifetime, it haunted me to death.

Oh, dear.

Dear, I don’t have an ocean for I am a sun who lost the glare of braveness and is no longer being loved. The ocean is where serenity rests, and I don’t have that quietness for you. I don’t have calm waves that will wrap your heart every time a storm hurts you.

Dear, I am not an ocean. I am a flame, an alive wrath. An epitome of resentment feelings, the source of horrible things. A place where cursed souls will rest. And you are a beautiful soul. Painted by someone with a pure heart. Bright colors dance around you and people are mesmerized by your splendor scratches. You are a masterpiece, made to be loved by many.

You are a sanctuary for tired souls, a heaven in the ruthless world.

And if I write a breath-taking storyline about us, if I end the journey with a ‘happily ever after’, just imagine how impossible it seems to fulfill?

“I don’t care if everyone laughs. I still want to sink into your ocean.”

It is complicated.

“Your flame is enough for me, enough to burst into love. Enough to wrap my dark nights, to hold me tight.”

Dear, you are the kindest soul, the least thing I deserve to have.

But I only talked to you once. Once that is not enough to beat the long rough road I have taken before. I only talked to you once, and I am someone whose heart can’t burn my pieces of past with ease. I am a weak soul whose heart still holds on to the glory of the past.

“Let me hold your hand once. Let me build another road and let me be with you for a lifetime.”

And what if next year we fall miserably, as the wave of doubts ruins us silently?

“With you, even a fall is beautiful.”

Oh, dear.

Inspired by Tomorrow by Together’s Loser=Lover.



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i write about flowers, either when they still bloom or begin to wilt.