Medical Posture Bras: Why Are They Useless?

Jul 25 · 2 min read

We’ll attempt to underdstand why wearing a medical posture bra is totally futile if it does not meet the Starecta Rectifier guidelines.

Medical Posture Bra?

It is a belt made up of a arrangement of flexible bands, similar to a brace, which ought to assist you keep your shoulders and back within the right position. The medical posture bra actually makes your shoulders stay open and straight. Compared to the inflexible bust, the posture bra is less unbending, which makes it less uncomfortable.

A medical posture bra is for the most part utilized to adjust posture. Shockingly it is totally futile in spite of the fact that it is promoted on handfuls of websites.

Medical Posture Bras: Do They Really Work?

Shockingly this thing does not work at all. It gives you an clear feeling of having a straight posture, but as soon as you remove it, your back will put itself into its previous position.

Since it isn’t acting by getting a correct posture by working on the main cause: the skull-mandibular relationship.

The concept of applying a medical posture bra is associating a terrible posture to a wrong postural behavior, like sitting on a school or office work area.

Typically a totally incorrect and medieval idea.

One of the most common problem affecting millions of people around the world is back pain. The problem is that we cannot continue to address this problem with ideas that were dated as far as 50 years ago. There are important scientific innovations that have demonstrated the real causes of postural problems and how to solve them.

Posture cannot be corrected with medical posture bras, you need the Starecta Rectifier that acts directly on the cause of the bad posture by immediately interrupting the postural collapse in progress.

As a matter of fact, THE POSTURAL COLLAPSE DERIVES from the skull which is not adequately supported by the jaw, which sinks and crushes the vertebral column, forced to bend by generating hyperlordosis and hypercifosis.

How can medical posture bras help? They can only help if it is used together with the Starecta Rectifier, but without the Starecta methodology it is just a very expensive useless piece of cloth.

The notion that sitting badly generates spinal curvature, hollow-back or hunchback is such a silly concept that it should not even be discussed!

The only reason an individual develops hollow-back, hunchback or spinal curvature is because of the dangerous cranio-mandibular relationship, or dangerous tooth extrusion.

One of the foremost common downside touching various individuals round the world is back pain. The downside is that we tend to address this problem with ideas that were dated as so much as fifty years ago.

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