Artificial Intelligence has been deemed as the next technology poised to transform human civilization, after the advent of the Internet. AI is estimated to bring more convenience in our daily lives, increase productivity and profits in businesses, and help improve public safety, changing the way we live and work.

In this week’s issue, we invite Riccardo Sun, CEO of Kapito.Inc, a startup that won the special prize on the 2020 TAIRA Accelerator Program Demo Day, to share his entrepreneurial journey, and his take on global opportunities for AI.


Kapito focuses on AI visual recognition solutions, and with “Fastable. ai”, a…

In our previous newsletters, we introduced innovative applications and trends in Smart Manufacturing. In recent years, the performance enhancements and cost saving advantages created by artificial intelligence (AI) have gradually made AI more important and relevant in every industry in Taiwan. In our next few newsletters, we will discuss the new range of outstanding startups and companies in the AI field!

In this week’s issue, we share how InfinitiesSoft Solutions Inc., a firm that has just completed its series A funding and was also the runner up on Demo Day for our 2014 CIAT Accelerator Program, positions itself in the…

For this week’s issue, we will be sharing with you how Might Electronic, an EMS firm that has been in operation since 1986, has been collaborating with tech startups to develop new products, and integrate innovation into their operations!

Previously, Might Electronic’s clients consisted of large electronics firms, such as Acer, Foxconn, and D-Link, engaging in the development and manufacture of electronics. …

Today our StarFab columnist has invited one of our exceptional startup alumni, champions of the 7th annual CIAT Accelerator Program, and the corporate-mentor choice award winner — ProfetAI to chat with us about the most recent trends in the manufacturing industry!


Last year, ProfetAI was able to raise a Pre-A round funding from AUO, Hive Ventures, and SVTI as investors with its Auto Machine Learning (AutoML) platform. The platform has truly been supporting the digital transformation process of Taiwan’s manufacturing industry, and ProfetAI has been able to do this as its customers are mostly in the manufacturing industry. …

PowerArena was founded in 2017, and it focuses on developing AI technology applications; that is, utilizing AI technology to identify potential problems in manufacturing plants and provide continuous optimization. Today, PowerArena has obtained numerous field verifications in Asia and proved its capability of increasing “10% gains in productivity in less than 6 months for manufacturing companies.”

We invited Harold, PowerArena’s Director of Business Development to chat with us about the recent changes in the manufacturing industry as well as the future challenges in smart manufacturing!

Harold, PowerArena’s Director of Business Development

Instead of solely focusing on algorithm development, PowerArena focuses on the implementation of customer’s domain…

For those looking to pursue the entrepreneurial path and chase dreams, this one is for you. Through interviewing our StarFab founders Amanda and Jack’s years of experience, we hope to give you valuable advice and tips in starting your own business. What should you focus on, and what misconceptions should you avoid throughout your entrepreneurial journey? Here is an interview you won’t want to miss!

What advice do you have for someone who is looking into starting their own business? Particularly, advice to students and young entrepreneurs. What do you recommend when they are taking their first step?

What advice do you have for someone who is looking into starting their own business?

1. Understand…

In recent years, an increasing number of accelerators have emerged in response to growing entrepreneurs establishing startups. The Covid-19 pandemic has also been disrupting various businesses globally since 2020. Through this interview with our StarFab founders, we hope to give you some insights into how the startup accelerator industry has changed over the years. Additionally, our StarFab CEOs Amanda and Jack will be sharing their inspiring entrepreneurship experience in helping tech startups scale up their businesses. Without further ado, let’s get started!

StarFab was founded in 2016; with that said, how has the accelerator industry changed over the past 5…

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