I don’t want to get into it with third-party voters, I’m literally exhausted. Plus at this point I’m more concerned with getting people out to vote and registered armed with good info.

But I need to push back on the Red State/Blue State/Swing State argument cause this time it’s not a good one. States like Arizona, Georgia, Colorado and even Texas are very close and COULD MAYBE be in play which has a lot to do with demographics. They also have a lot of electoral college votes.

You may ask, what does that have to do with you? Well it has to do with a bigger point I have to make about third-party presidential candidates and the argument that a vote is an effort towards building a multiparty system.

Look. A multiparty system will not emerge based upon presidential elections every four years and these parties only organizing and running candidates at the executive level in any significant capacity. To modify the two-party system the process has to start at the local, precinct and school board levels where these parties build up an infrastructure that changes the institutional fabric. These parties aren’t represented in any capacity with any real clout in legislative bodies. You get a president by some fluke, they could have the most fabulous ideas in the world but with no allies or institutional backing none of those ideas will be bills that become law.

Plus, I’m not sure where the idea that solid, comprehensive and lasting social change would come or even start at the national presidential level. It’s as if some have forgotten that the president doesn’t have to work with Congress, and that there are state and local laws many that cover what the federal doesn’t or may override.

I know a lot of people are voting third party as protest against Hillary for whatever reasons (please don’t tell me I’ve heard them). I’m not being dismissive and I acknowledge others’ point of view but I just plain don’t agree. If this is an anti-Hillary vote I can’t convince anyone to like her. But let me just ask you this: if what you are doing is voting your conscience and according to principles, and hopefully also for the greater good, I hope that you would look just as closely at the history, beliefs and platforms of Johnson and Stein as you do Clinton and Trump. To be honest, I’m a little confused why a lot of people are supporting a Libertarian who were just supporting a Social Democrat.

I don’t fearmonger. Frankly the Republican candidate is giving plenty of reasons why he shouldn’t come near the White House by himself.

I also don’t subscribe to “lesser of two evils” cause I only think one is evil at all.

And by discussing this it’s not shaming. I’m merely presenting what is clear to me are the facts (not feelings which are fine but not when facts are distorted or missing. For me the discussion here isn’t about Hillary herself and getting her into office or even keeping Trump out, although it kind of is that. It’s about using the vote franchise (which yes should be used and not withheld) with not only one’s own interest but those of the greater collective good. I’m sure third-party voters see themselves doing just that and I’m not here to mock or shame, but some were asking what the issue was with third-party voting and here it is. Basically we don’t have a parliament and voting in the presidential election won’t magically create it. And I’ve heard the arguments about not continuing a neoliberal system. That’s a whole other post about definitions and also sure good luck with that.

I’ve had people lecture me, sneer and even yell at me for voting for Hillary and I’m not doing anything close to that here. I know people are feeling judged and defensive but a vote in a national election is, contrary to American folk wisdom, and using C. Wright Mills’ framework, a “personal trouble” for the individual, but a “public issue” that has repercussions for the collective good not just the self.

So yeah, you do have a choice, and it’s yours so use it.