He May Have More Hits Than Madonna’s Got Kids, But This List of Essential Prince Songs Has None of Them. Just Songs That You SHOULD Know.

Since Prince left us there’s been lots of lists of his best albums, songs, the best versions of those songs, etc, etc.

Well most lists include the SAME songs that everyone knows and there’s a reason for that: except for us oldsters & die-hards few had access to all of the good stuff and had to be hush-hush about it.

But there’s so much, including legit non-single releases on albums, that’s worth knowing I thought I’d make a starter list while I can, of songs by Prince that aren’t hits or commonly known, that should be on everyone’s radar. Without these tracks you’re missing out on a whole other dimension. They aren’t in any particular order…just as I thought of & found them.

A few were recorded by other artists & I note that.

Moonbeam Levels

Electric intercourse


Rebirth of the Flesh

Extraloveable ‘82 ( there is a 2013 update of this song. You want THIS ONE.)

Lust U Always

Turn It Up

Do Yourself A Favor

Recorded by Jesse Johnson on his Shockadelica album in 1986

Wouldn’t You Love to Love Me? Recorded by Taja Sevelle in 1992

Wonderful Ass

Irresistible Bitch unreleased version There’s a certain… angst (?) to this version.

Purple Music

All My Dreams Very Wendy & Lisa which makes me happy.

Old Friends 4 Sale

One word: Shade

The Line

Last Heart

I’ve mentioned before elsewhere that I’m ambivalent about his love songs especially the sincere ones. But my favorites are the anger, threat, hate songs. Like Last Heart.

Power Fantastic

Sexual Suicide

The Dance Electric Recorded by Andre Cymone in 1985

Dance With The Devil A Batman outtake. Batman soundtrack deserves more attention for its concept and music.

Good Love

Anna Stesia

One day soon I’ll write about how I’m a heathen but my favorite Prince songs are his most symbolically spiritual. I don’t know why tho.


This song isn’t mentioned, discussed or fawned over nearly enough. It also has a special place in my heart because my grandfather used to always tell me I needed stuff like I needed a hole in my head when I didn’t need it.

I’m Yours

Annie Christian 82 Punk Version


Lady Cab Driver Live 1999 Tour

Joy in Repetition Live

Dinner With Delores

Shhh I guess this is a love song. It’s really more of a sex song.

Billy Jack Bitch There’s a true story behind this song: http://m.startribune.com/c-j-prince-was-indelibly-interesting/376786671/

I Hate U One of my faves. This is the kind of twisted Prince fucked up romance song I like.

Somebody’s Somebody And this one isn’t sappy, it’s got a cute video too.

Beautiful Strange Lovely song that is often overlooked and unfairly.

Prettyman Prince playing Morris…or is he?

BONUS: 1986 Detroit Birthday Performance: Head

If I Was Your Girlfriend SOTT Movie version

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