Blockchain communities on the daily — One Month at Starfish Mission

Recently, as a group, we set out to launch Starfish Mission, a coworking space and hub for the blockchain community. Us four as founders and our friend groups had been talking about the need for a space to connect different groups in the SF Bay Area blockchain ecosystem.

We lucked out on scoring an absolutely gorgeous 6000sqft location with an ideal layout for simultaneous coworking, private office spaces, spontaneous social interactions, workshops and larger panel events. April 9th was the day we managed to open our doors, just shortly after scoring our lease. It’s been a wild and incredible month so far. We are honestly floored and humbled by the level of engagement we’ve fostered in the community. Going beyond the creation of a supportive coworking community, value-driven events have played a big part of our early activities.

Here are a few highlights from Starfish in the past month:

  • On our first day, GunDb came in and brought Martti ‘Sirius’ Malmi, Satoshi’s first contributor to bitcoin, for a community event and to talk about his journey and early collaborations with Satoshi. Needless to say that was an interesting night.
  • Our casual opening night mixer turned into solid, packed, fun and amazing party! With little time to prepare, we thought we’d be happy if a few people showed up. It felt like literally everyone came out. ❤
  • The Blocultural — Blockchain Career Panel and Job Fair brought in over 125 people, excited to enter the blockchain industry. Here’s a recap.
  • Our space was buzzing for the “Build your Own ERC20 Token” workshop, a lot of interest in the wider dev community to get into this.
Let’s make Doughper Ethereum Blockchain Applications — Eth Design Jam!
  • The Ethereum design jam was fun and hilarious. Peanut butter jars! It’s all about peanut butter jar distribution.
  • A shoutout to all the other amazing event hosts and collaborators too. Starting from the Qtum/Bodhi mainnet launch (read the recap here), the Blocultural Crypto Panel, blockchain for ecology and continuing with the SF Psychedelic Society planning meeting, and the ICO compliance night which we put on with Identity Mind Global.
  • Supporting open-source development. Proud and excited we got to support and sponsor’s event on how to create economic incentives for open source development in blockchain! Watch our for more exciting things to come regarding support from Starfish for those really needed open source projects in the community.
  • We are at about 1/3 capacity with memberships. Starting from zero we’re super happy with that and also we are really thrilled about this phase of the space, because right now there is still room. And where there is room, there is growth. And opportunities. Possibilities. We’re beyond excited to meet the community for May and June and going forward.
  • We are partnering with both Oakland Blockchain Devs and Peerbuds to bring more developer education to the community. Stay tuned. Soon launching whole day workshops and full time bootcamps to meet more of your blockchain dev learning needs.
  • Shout to Will and Beth from for joining and taking on our PR. Also a shoutout to, Entrada, Embleema, Empowered Action, Whyza and anyone else for recently joining as members. To Brian Hoffstein for his futurist podcast, and Leanne Dzemske for entrusting us with her artwork. We’re excited to learn from you and support you!
  • Our partnership with Pluto for Blockchain. Our diversity and inclusion survey for blockchain is now accessible here. Participate.
  • A few amazing people we want to mention for being incredible with their advice and support: Jon Connors for being our champion and extra hand, at all times. Summer Vaughn from CBRE, for helping us figure out this whole real estate business thing. AnnMarie Alanes for designing ethereum learning meetups as incredible experiences, aka “the Land of Ethereum”. The one and only Dan Held for his unrelenting Dan Hedl no-nonsense advice and giving us a kick in the butt. Ariel Deschapell for staying in town an extra week, helping out lots and bringing Miami sunshine. Min Kim for packing the house and giving us a firsthand seat to watching Blocultural Studies take off in the bay. To Devon Wesley for being an incredible developer, leader and teacher, and to Sahil Parekh from Peerbuds for seeing the bigger vision and propelling it forward.
  • Venturebeat finding us. LA and Berlin collabs coming up.

The Starfish Team ❤

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